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St Vincent - Surgeon (4AD Session)


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 View the full session at 🤍 In September 2011, St Vincent took a giant leap forward with the release of third album, Strange Mercy. This time out Annie Clark was to combine her long-celebrated musical virtuosity with ambitious songwriting that ran a gamut of emotional cadences, all the while underpinned by a colourful sense of melody. Recording these songs live for the first time, St Vincent has performed four tracks from Strange Mercy for the tenth visual installment in the 4AD Session series. Shot at Shangri-La Studios in the heart of the Brooklyn film and photography district in Greenpoint, the session was recorded with Annie's new band, Daniel Mintseris (keys), Toko Yasuda (moog) and Matthew Johnson (drums). Given St Vincent's transgression from the underground to the pop spotlight over the course of three studio albums, it's somewhat fitting that Shangri-La host the session having initially earned its name as a secret spot known only through word of mouth. As with all of the sessions in the series, directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard filmed the four tracks with a clear artistic vision. In this instance, the inspiration came from an unlikely source the memory of seeing a 1968 Shirley Bassey performance of 'This is My Life' on Rai Uno for Italian TV. With that reference point in mind, Annie takes centre stage against the backdrop of a projected live-feed, resplendent in glamorous eye make-up and with her always-impressive guitar work brought clearly to the fore. More interestingly still, the classic showbusiness styling of the session is held in stark contrast to the affecting and darkly-tinged emotional undertones of 'Chloe In The Afternoon' and 'Surgeon', representing perfectly the themes that run throughout Strange Mercy. Buy 'Strange Mercy' here: 🤍 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #StVincent #4AD #4ADRecords Listen to more St. Vincent's songs here 🤍

Cocteau Twins & 4AD - Why Indie Labels Matter


In this clip Ollie and Jamie discuss how Cocteau Twin's ended up signing with 4AD and why Ivo Russel-Watt's label came to be defined by the group's sound. The boys also touch on how stories like the Cocteau's highlight why indie labels remain so important in today's day and age... Highlight from the ninth episode of season 1 of Deaf With The Record which focuses on Cocteau Twins' Heaven or Las Vegas. Full episode available on our channel. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below… Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 If you prefer your podcasts in audio form: Spotify: 🤍 Paul west, 4AD, cocteaus, HOLV, rough trade, factory,

Bon Iver at AIR Studios (4AD/Jagjaguwar Session)


4AD and Jagjaguwar have collaborated on a live session that captures a truly unique Bon Iver performance, featuring Justin Vernon and Sean Carey. On recent tours fans will have become accustomed to seeing Vernon flanked by an eleven-piece band, with the swell in numbers lending a grandiose element to even his most delicate songs. Sidestepping expectations, the idea Vernon presented for this session was to provide a wildly different experience. Recorded in AIR Studio's Lyndurst Hall - a building that was originally a church and missionary school designed in 1880 by the great Victorian architect Alfred Waterhouse (designer of the Natural History Museum) - Vernon was joined only by Carey, with the pair positioning themselves opposite one another at two grand pianos. Although neither Justin nor Sean's first instrument is piano, they were able to remodel the songs in a way that showcases their complimentary vocals and, perhaps more strikingly, a seemingly effortless ability to experiment with form and structure. As such, fans are treated to jaw-dropping interpretations of several songs from both the new album and the 'Blood Bank' EP, as well as a cover of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me". And interpretation is an apt word, as these songs are artfully abstracted from their original incarnations. Rather than layer the sound as on 'Bon Iver, Bon Iver', the focus is on paring back, in part evoking the minimalist approach of contemporary classical music, while remaining true enough to the source material to retain those elements characteristic of Bon Iver. As on "Babys" and "Hinnom, TX", Vernon's trademark falsetto is positioned centre stage, framed by subtle and unexpected instrumental flourishes that render the performance simultaneously weighty and airless. It's quite an achievement that songs so widely-known and loved in their recorded form are able gain in emotional impact, and stands as testament to Bon Iver's singular talent. 1. Hinnom, TX 2. Wash. 3. I Can't Make You Love Me 4. Babys 5. Beth/Rest Director: Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard Recording & Mixing: Jake Jackson with Brian Joseph Recorded in London at AIR Studios, October 16, 2011 "Hinnom, TX", "Wash.", "Beth/Rest" (c) 2011 April Base Publishing (ASCAP) "Babys" (c) 2009 April Base Publishing (ASCAP) "I Cant' Make You Love Me" (c) 1991 BMG Songs, Almo Music Corp., Bird Blues Music, Hayes Street Music (ASCAP)

This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren (Official Video)


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 A cover of the Tim Buckley song featuring the guitar of Robin Guthrie and voice of Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins). It was first released on a single then included on This Mortal Coil's debut album, It'll End In Tears: 🤍 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #ThisMortalCoil #4AD #4ADRecords

St Vincent - 4AD Session


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 Join the 4AD mailing list here: 🤍 In September 2011, St Vincent took a giant leap forward with the release of third album, Strange Mercy. This time out Annie Clark was to combine her long-celebrated musical virtuosity with ambitious songwriting that ran a gamut of emotional cadences, all the while underpinned by a colourful sense of melody. Recording these songs live for the first time, St Vincent performed four tracks from Strange Mercy for the tenth visual installment in the 4AD Session series. Shot at Shangri-La Studios in the heart of the Brooklyn film and photography district in Greenpoint, the session was recorded with Annie's new band, Daniel Mintseris (keys), Toko Yasuda (moog) and Matthew Johnson (drums). Given St Vincent's transgression from the underground to the pop spotlight over the course of three studio albums, it's somewhat fitting that Shangri-La host the session having initially earned its name as a secret spot known only through word of mouth. For more info: 🤍 Buy 'Strange Mercy' from 4AD here: 🤍 Tracklisting: 1. Chloe In The Afternoon 2. Surgeon 3. Strange Mercy 4. Year Of The Tiger #StVincent #4AD #4ADRecords Listen to more St. Vincent's songs here 🤍

Mark Lanegan Band - 4AD Session


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 Following the release of Blues Funeral back in February, Mark Lanegan Band have recorded four songs for the thirteenth installment in the 4AD Sessions series. Pull Studios in Manhattan's Hudson Square played understated host to a session that leans heavily on Mark's indelible voice and undeniable presence, as well as the intensity and precision of his band. Filmed during a break in rehearsals for a New York City show that was to herald the release of the album, the session captures a band fully sharpened and itching to hit the road (US dates begin May 10 and are listed below). Tearing through four stand-out tracks from Blues Funeral, the performance ripples with a quiet fury that will be familiar to all those who've followed Mark over a career spanning more than two decades. Backed by a band as skilled as Mark is charismatic, the ambitious range of tracks such as 'Harborview Hospital' sit comfortably beside the barely concealed rage of 'The Gravedigger's Song', reminding once again why Blues Funeral is such a rewarding listen. Unlike other sessions in the series in which a firmly defined visual concept was central to capturing the performance, the intention here was to strip away any studio trickery in order to allow the band to stand-alone. That this simplified approach remains so powerful is testament to the inimitable quality of the music on show and Mark Lanegan's enduring allure. Session directed by Robert Semmer - 🤍 TRACKLISTING 1. The Gravedigger's Song 2. St. Louis Elegy 3. Riot In My House 4. Harborview Hospital CREDITS Director: Robert Semmer Producer: Robert Semmer Director of Photography: William Voermann Additional Camera: Anthony Mathile & Robert Semmer Assistant Camera: Adam Gong Gaffer: Rome Peterson Editor: David Feinberg Colorist: Paul Shin Sound recorded by Mitch Davis and mixed by Jeff Curtin 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #MarkLaneganBand #4AD #4ADRecords

23 Envelope Documentary [4AD, 1985]


Documentary from 1985 on 4AD Records in-house design firm, 23 Envelope. Run by designer Vaughn Oliver and photographer Nigel Grierson, they were responsible for the "Look" of classic 4AD bands like Dead Can Dance, the Pixies, This Mortal Coil, etc. This film features Vaughn and Nigel interviewed in the 4ad offices, along with interviews from Ivo Watts-Russel, Robin Guthrie, and more. Along with plenty of video footage from 1980s era 4AD bands.

Facing The Other Way: The Story of 4AD - A Review


In this episode, I'm reviewing the upcoming book 'Face The Other Way: The Story of 4AD' by Martin Aston. At 650 pages, Aston traces the history of the iconic UK label known as 4AD - once home to seminal bands like Bauhaus, Pixies, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, etc. Be sure to stick around through the second half of the video, where I show a batch of important 4AD records from my collection. Scroll down for a link to purchase the book, and to enjoy a 20-song 4AD playlist! Published by The Friday Project - out November 12 in the U.S., now available in the UK/Europe Purchase here: 🤍 * I accidentally stated that Pixies - 'Trompe Le Monde' was released in 1993 - I meant to say 1991 * Additional Links: Audra Merchandise (my band) 🤍 Audra Youtube Channel 🤍 My blog 🤍 My blog's FB page 🤍

Aldous Harding - The Barrel (Official Video)


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 'The Barrel' by Aldous Harding, from the new album 'Designer'. Out now on 4AD/Flying Nun, buy and stream here: 🤍 Directed by: Martin Sagadin & Aldous Harding Cinematographer: Kirk Pflaum Line Producer: Jessica Todd Editor: Adam-Luka Turjak Art Director: Nick Lowry Costume Design: Steven Park Make-up: Brae Toia Camera Assistant / Gaffer: Zac Beckett Knight Production Runner: Greta Evans Set Photographer: Max Lester Thanks: Adam Hattaway, Emma Grace Shine, Julia Sharp, NG Space, Thomas Barrer Made with the support of NZ On Air #AldousHarding #4AD #4ADRecords Listen to more Aldous Harding's songs here 🤍



1979年に設立された音楽レーベル「4AD」の紹介動画です。 退廃的で耽美なレーベルカラーがあり、独特の美意識を持つアーティストを多数輩出してきました。 決してこれが正解というわけではなくあくまで一個人の意見であるというのを念頭に入れてごらんください。 ツイッターも始めました。よろしければフォローを…… 🤍 #ゆっくり解説​​​ #4AD #月のあかり

Cocteau Twins - Iceblink Luck (Official Video)


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 A single from the album Heaven Or Las Vegas. Cocteau Twins are Elizabeth Fraser (vocals), Robin Guthrie (guitars) and Simon Raymonde (bass). Purchase 'Heaven or Las Vegas' from 4AD here: 🤍 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #CocteauTwins #4AD #4ADRecords



Dat 4AD vorig jaar als enige West-Vlaamse kunstenhuis het charter Duurzaam Ondernemen ondertekende én behaalde is kenmerkend voor de warme, unieke ziel van de Diksmuidse muziekclub. Wars van hypes en trends vaart 4AD al 25 jaar een geheel eigen koers waarbij integriteit en oprechte concertbeleving centraal staan. Een kwart eeuw Vlaamse muziekgeschiedenis die Poppunt niet onopgemerkt wou laten voorbij gaan. Concerten, workshops, repetitieruimtes, het stedelijk zomerfestival Stad Onderstroom, het 100-jarige oorlog-herdenkingsprogramma 'Gone West', De Europese projecten '4x4' en 'IC Music', een café ... : anno 2013 is 4AD, dankzij de pioniersgeest van 25 jaar geleden en het vele werk van ontelbare vrijwilligers, een gerespecteerde club met een goed draaiende, professionele werking. De immer kritische en eigenzinnige Patrick Smagghe, sinds jaar en dag coördinator en programmator van 4AD, leidt ons rond ...

Blonde Redhead - 4AD Session


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 Early in 2011, Blonde Redhead released Penny Sparkle, their third album for 4AD and eighth in total. Joined here by Henrik Von Sivers, who worked on the new album as one half of production duo Van Rivers and The Subliminal Kid, the session sees the band offer striking interpretations of several standout tracks from the album. Buy Penny Sparkle from 4AD here: 🤍 The five songs were shot at Integrated Studios in Tribeca, New York on 11th August 2010 and comprise the first 4AD Session to be filmed in America. The sparse lighting creates a suitably ethereal setting, allowing the band to showcase their emotionally resonant music in an environment more intimate than fans may be accustomed to. Tracklisting 1. Here Sometimes 2. Love Or Prison 3. Will There Be Stars 4. Oslo 5. Not Getting There Director: Anthony Mathile/Robert Semmer Cameras and lighting: William Voermann Editing and Post Production: Anthony Mathile/Robert Semmer Recording and Mixing: Andrew Gerhan 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #BlondeRedhead #4AD #4ADRecords Listen to more Blonde Redhead's songs here 🤍

Mitsubishi FX3-4AD (4-channel Analog Input)


Sample Program :🤍 FX3U-4AD (4-channel Analog Input) FX3UC-4AD (4-channel Analog Input) The FX3U-4AD is an analog special function block which is connectable with the FX3G/FX3GC/FX3U/FX3UC Series PLC used to capture 4-ch voltage/current data. The FX3UC-4AD cannot be connected to the FX3G/ FX3U Series PLC. For Sample Visit: 🤍 Download Sample Section. Voltage input mode -10V to +10V -32000 to +32000 Voltage input mode -10V to +10V -4000 to +4000 Analog value direct indication mode -10V to +10V -10000 to +10000 Current input mode 4mA to 20mA 0 to 16000 Current input mode 4mA to 20mA 0 to 4000 Current input mode Analog value direct indication mode 4mA to 20mA 4000 to 20000 Current input mode -20mA to +20mA -16000 to +16000 Current input mode -20mA to +20mA -4000 to +4000 Current input mode Analog value direct indication mode -20mA to +20mA -20000 to +20000

Start Your Own Band camp @ 4AD: Rainbow Dux


Tijdens het Start Your Own band kamp hebben deze jongeren een eigen band gevormd, hun eigen nummers geschreven en de identiteit van hun band bepaald. Het was voor de meeste jongeren een eerste kennismaking met het spelen van muziek. Het resultaat is fantastisch! Muzikanten: Elin, Babette, Léonie, Guust onder begeleiding van Simon

Vaughan Oliver and my 4AD Records


Remembering Vaughan Oliver (1957-2019), the in-house designer for 4AD Records. He worked under the moniker 23 Envelope and V23 and created classic covers for Cocteau Twins, Pixies, This Mortal Coil, The Breeders, Pale Saints, Lush, Colourbox, and many others.

Richenel - L'esclave endormi (4AD version)


It's 4AD version remixed by Ivo Watts-Russell and John Fryer. (DISCLAIMER: The music belongs to its respective owners and is not owned by me in any way.)

Gang Gang Dance - 4AD Session


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 To mark the release of fourth album Eye Contact (available for purchase at: 🤍 , Brooklyn's Gang Gang Dance is the latest act to record a 4AD Session. Filmed in early April at Angelic Studios in the heart of rural England, the band convened in a purposefully built 20ft square mirrored room, encased by endless reflections of themselves. Inspired by the so-called 'infinity rooms' of the seminal Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, the construction of the space comprised most of the time allotted to recording. Consequently, the session didn't begin until midnight, and continued through until sunrise the next day. Inevitability, the twilight hours suffused the performance with a subtle euphoria, which allayed with the warped environment crated by the mirrors, touched the renditions of 'Glass Jar' and 'Adult Goth' with an otherworldly quality. With the idea to create all effects live in the space sans digital manipulation, the resulting performance channeled a raw responsiveness to the music as it was being played, as witnessed in the 15 minute take on the visceral dancehall of 'MindKilla' and the Balearic feel of 'Chinese High'. Indeed, spontaneity was key to the entire session. 'MindKilla' was recorded in one take and improvised to include an exclusive airing of previously unreleased track, 'KOU-DA-LEY', while 'Adult Goth' likewise segues into a delirious version of 'Bond'. Adding to the room's ambience, the hanging crystals lent a prismatic quality, rendering the kaleidoscope of Eye Contact in primary colours, and helping mark the session as a true landmark in the series. Tracklisting 1. Chinese High 2. MindKilla/KOU-DA-LEY 3. Adult Goth/Bond 4. Glass Jar Director: Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard Director of Photography: Stuart Roweth Camera Assistant: Warren Forster Set Stylist: Sal Pittman Editing and Post Production: Iain Forsyth Recording and Mixing: Sean Maffucci Recording Assistant: Tom Fuller, Angelic Studios 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #GangGangDance #4AD #4ADRecords Listen to more Gang Gang Dance's songs here 🤍

Lush - Sweetness and Light (Official Video)


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 The second single from Lush, which was included on the Gala album (🤍 as well as Ciao! The Best Of Lush (🤍 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #Lush #4AD #4ADRecords Listen to more Lush's songs here 🤍

Clan of Xymox - Medusa - 1986 - (Lyrics - HQ Remastered - Darkwave - 4AD)


Here is the title track to the album Medusa. I have gone over this song for a full remastering and managed to pull out the amazing sounds deep within the track. Featuring a very nice understated vocal by Ronny, the song ticktocks and swirls beautifully. Sounding better than ever before. Complete with full lyrics.

Lập trình PLC Mitsubishi Module FX3U-4AD


Hướng dẫn lập trình PLC Mitsubishi với Module FX3U-4AD. Lập trình PLC Mitsubishi đọc tín hiệu điện áp analog từ module 4 ngõ vào FX3U-4AD -10 ~ +10VDC, dòng điện 0~20mA, 4~20mA. Analog input FX3U-4AD kết nối với PLC FX3U-16MT 🤍

Bauhaus - Boys (Small Wonder Records before 4AD)



Iron And Wine - 4AD Session


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 Join the 4AD mailing list here: 🤍 Iron & Wine, the work of Austin-based Sam Beam, released their fourth album, Kiss Each Other Clean through 4AD in January 2011. (purchase 'Kiss Each Other Clean' from 4AD here: 🤍 Somewhat of a departure from earlier recordings and representing an expansion of the ideas explored on last album The Shepherd's Dog, the record saw Beam's often stripped-back compositions development into ornate arrangements/ Live performances also saw Beam joined by a cast of musicians, helping flesh out his sound. For this beautifully rendered 4AD Session, Beam made the conscious decision to return to his roots. Taking those album tracks back to their nascent form, Beam delivered five acoustic performances that immediately make clear the craft and care that constitutes each Iron & Wine track. Pushed to the fore is Beam's languorous vocals, showcasing the seemingly effortless ease with which he is able to imbibe his music with a nuanced poetry. Filmed at Miloco Recording Studios in Bermondsey, London, the location proved truly fitting of the performance. Beam found himself surrounded by an array of vintage analogue equipment, a perfect compliment to the down-home wood-and twine classic songwriting that has continued to characterize the work of Iron & Wine over the course of four albums. Playing four songs from the new album, long time fans will also note the inclusion of the 'Upwards Over The Mountain', a track drawn from the band's much-loved back catalogue. The session provides a neat precursor to when Iron & Wine returned to the UK in October 2011, playing an acoustic show at Hackney Empire on 9th. 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #IronAndWine #4AD #4ADRecords



FX5-4DA 🤍

Broken Records - You Know You're Not Dead (4AD Session)


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 Taken from Broken Records video session recorded in a now derelict ornate chapel just off the Old Kent Road for the 4AD Sessions. View the session in full here: 🤍 "You Know You're Not Dead" is taken from Broken Records' second album, Let Me Come Home, available here: 🤍 Director: Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #BrokenRecords #4AD #4ADRecords

SpaceGhostPurrp - 4AD Session


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 Check out SpaceGhostPurrp's discography here: 🤍 SpaceGhostPurrp is the latest artist to record a live performance as part of the label's ongoing 4AD Sessions series. A recent addition to the roster, SpaceGhostPurrp put out Mysterious Phonk - a compilation of some of his early work and his first commercial release - back in June. Fleshing out most tracks and mastering them for the first time, he showed the wider world that not only was he worthy of the hype his early mixtapes had created, but was also primed for the bigger stage; "his singular sound gives the project a wonderful sense of cohesiveness and gels Purpp's vision together with a maturity beyond his young years." (HipHopDX) Taking place in late Spring at Brooklyn Fire Proof in Williamsburg (an arts complex named to honour Brooklyn Fire Proof Sash and Door Company, a factory that had thrived at it's location at the turn of the last century), this 4AD Session is the third to be shot by director Robert Semmer. Revisiting three tracks from Mysterious Phonk, the intention of the shoot was to capture an intimate portrait of an artist who to date has favoured a more low key profile. Taking cues from the shadowy intrigue of Purrp's own Raider Klan collective, the rapper/producer is fore-grounded against a smoke-flecked backdrop, its monochrome intensity in-keeping with the claustrophobic nature of the music. Addressing the camera directly with a compelling intensity, the fully mic'd room details his lucid, hypnotic verses. A flexible approach to language - both written and spoken - is key to Purrp's aesthetic and the session highlights his interest in phonetics, the sound of the words themselves as important as their meaning. The result is syrup-thick head music, that nods to hip hop fore fathers, but also leans against conventions to formulate his own murky universe. Consequently it's unlike any 4AD Session to date. 1. Mystikal Maze 2. Get Yah Head Bust 3. Don't Give A Damn 🤍 🤍 Credits: Director & Producer: Robert Semmer Director of Photography: William Voermann Assistant Camera: Adam Gong Sound: Jeff Curtin Editors: Robert Semmer & Adam Sauermilch Colorist: Adam Sauermilch 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #SpaceGhostPurrp #4AD #4ADRecords

bEEdEEgEE - Bricks (4AD)


Buy bEEdEEgEE's debut album 'SUM/ONE' here: 🤍 🤍 Subscribe to 4AD: 🤍 Photo by Michael James Fox 🤍 🤍 🤍 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #bEEdEEgEE #4AD #4ADRecords Listen to more bEEdEEgEE's songs here 🤍

Indians - 4AD Session


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 Indians' debut album, Somewhere Else is available on 4AD now: 🤍 Indians, the musical alter ego of Copenhagen resident Søren Løkke Juul, have signed to 4AD worldwide. While Indians only played their first concert in their hometown in February 2012 and self-released their debut single in April, they've already garnered enough attention to perform shows across Europe and in North America, playing shows with the likes of Beirut, Bear In Heaven, Lower Dens, Weird Dreams and Retribution Gospel Choir over this Summer. On the back of this early momentum, Indians today mark their signing to 4AD with their installment in the 4AD Session series. Filmed over the course of one day on Osea Island a little-known, privately owned island in the estuary of the Blackwater in Essex the starting point for the performance was embracing the challenge of playing, recording and filming outside, placing the music into a vast open space, under sky and near water. With the intention to capture the sense of air and atmosphere in the music, each track was recorded in a different location, moving the band and cameras in order to introduce a new element that reflected the change in song. This was further complimented by the shift in light: the session begins with 'I Am Haunted' filmed just after high tide in the early afternoon, is then followed 'Magic Kids' just as the sun had set, and ends with 'New' filmed after dark in the small hours of the morning. While still flecked with the surreal ambience of Søren's air-tight compositions, the full-band performance adds a foreboding sense of wonder that provides a fitting introduction into Indians' very own natural world. Tracklisting 1. I Am Haunted 2. Magic Kids 3. New 🤍 🤍youtube.com/heyiamindians Credits: Director: Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard Camera: Stuart Ward Camera Assistant: Warren Forster, Shift 4 Production Assistant: Sal Pittman Recording and Mixing: Jarrad Hearman, Miloco Recording Assistant: Kit Carpenter 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #Indians #4AD #4ADRecords Listen to more Indians' songs here 🤍

Lush - Single Girl


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 'Single Girl' is taken from Lush's 1996 album 'Lovelife', available to purchase on 4AD: 🤍 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #Lush #4AD #4ADRecords Listen to more Lush's songs here 🤍

Bon Iver | Beth/Rest | Live at AIR Studios (4AD/Jagjaguwar Session)


"Beth/Rest" (c) 2011 April Base Publishing (ASCAP) (4AD/Jagjaguwar Session) 2012.

Tune-Yards - Real Live Flesh (4AD Session)


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 Taken from the Tune-Yards video session recorded at Platts Eyot for 4AD Sessions [ more at 🤍 ], 'Real Live Flesh' is taken from the expanded release of their debut album, Bird-Brains, available here: 🤍 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #TuneYards #4AD #4ADRecords Listen to more tUnE-yArDs' songs here 🤍




21-Mitsubishi PLC Analog to Digital Module FX2N-4AD programming in Urdu/Hindi| 4mA to 20mA| 0-10V


This Lecture is also available in the English Language. The link is below 🤍 This video is covering the following topics 01-FX2N-4AD Programming 02-Analog to Digital Programming 03-Buffer Memories Introduction 04-analog Sensor wiring Ayyan engineering Solutions are providing training of PLC and HMI online and offline both methods. Our Mission is just to spread automation knowledge to others. This channel's purpose is to give basic Plc training free of cost. We also giving technical service to many industries like food and beverage sectors, foundry sectors, oil and gas industries, etc. If you want to purchase and sell PLCs, VFD, HMI, sensors. You can contact us. Our head office is at 180-A new Muslim town Lahore Pakistan Contact info: Whatsapp: +92-333-8860576 Email: info🤍ayyanengineeringsolutions.com Facebook: Ayyan Engineering Solutions Website: 🤍ayyanengineeringsolutions.com

Frazier Chorus - Storm (4AD Version)


All materials in this video are property of their rightful owners. No money is being made by me off of this video. This was taken from the Japan exclusive compilation CD '12 Inch 87 Anthology', which was the only place the tracks from this version were released digitally.

Gang Gang Dance - Glass Jar (4AD session)



Rumours - TikTak ( Live @ 4AD )


Live version of Rumours' Tik Tak Recorded at 4AD Diksmuide.

Camera Obscura - New Year's Resolution (4AD Session)


Subscribe to 4AD here: 🤍 Watch the full session here: 🤍 'New Year's Resolution', taken from Camera Obscura's 4AD Session. The five-track session was filmed in the band's hometown of Glasgow, at the Tron Theatre, whose 16th century clock tower is one of the city's most recognisable landmarks. Directed by seasoned 4AD Session collaborators Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, the pair knew exactly how best to present cuts from the act's most recent album, 'Desire Lines', released earlier this year - "The idea behind the session was pure and simple - Camera Obscura are a perfect band, they record their songs all playing live together and there's a beautiful, unblemished chemistry in that unity." Shot as the band were about to head off on a US tour, Tracyanne was heavily pregnant at the time, with her bump growing over the shoot as the baby re-positioned. For the session Iain and Jane made a large backdrop of the silvery tree-scape from the album cover and then set the band in front. Director: Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard Director of Photography: Chloë Thomson Camera Assistant: Donald MacSween Production Assistant: Alison Piper Recording: Kenny MacLeod Mixing: Paul Savage Backline: Jim Brady Make-up: Kimberley Dewer Stylist: Alexandra Fiddes 4AD on the web: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #CameraObscura #4AD #4ADRecords Listen to more Camera Obscura's songs here 🤍

Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You) (4AD Session)


Future Islands' 4AD Session, featuring tracks from their album 'Singles' Samuel T. Herring - vocals William Cashion - bass Gerrit Welmers - keys Mike Lowry - drums Chris Tipton - guitar Terry Edwards - trumpet, flugel, 12 string Caroline Hall - trombone Liz Chi Yen Liew - violin Alice Zawadzki - violin Ellen Blair - viola Jenny Adejayan - cello Directed by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard Recorded and mixed by Pete Johnson and Simon Little, Chase Lane Director of Photography - Chloe Thomson Co-Producer - Craig McNeil Gaffer - Sam Alberg Camera Assistant - Warren Foster Runner - Carina Gonzalez Filmed at 3 Mills, London

Four Against Darkness Core Playthrough and Tutorial- 4AD Full Campaign Tutorial Part 2


🌟 Support what I do by becoming a patron- you'll have access to patron-exclusive posts, weekly updates, and printable gaming resources! 🤍 If you like, you can also support the channel by helping with supplies. All purchases from this list will go directly toward making more videos: 🤍 Want to send me something to try or maybe even review? My P.O. Box- Olivia Dieterich Postfach 202506 20218 Hamburg Germany

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