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The Ultimate Battle of Evil vs Evil! ALL the Movie Villains - MARVEL, DC, STAR WARS, X-MEN, LORD OF THE RINGS, HARRY POTTER, THE MATRIX and so much more - Slashers, Monsters, Witches, Demons, Vampires, Aliens, Robots, Clowns - the Best of the Worst are all here! Which Villain will have the last maniacal laugh? Place your bets and sharpen your claws for the Biggest and BADDEST Battle of ALL TIME! This is the SEQUEL to SUPER-HERO-BOWL - The Ultimate Battle of Good vs Good! Make sure you've seen it first: 😎   🤍 And then watch the epic conclusion - SUPER-SHOWDOWN-BOWL! 🔱   🤍 MAKING OF: ✍️   🤍 To SUBSCRIBE: 😀   🤍 To JOIN: 😇   🤍 To BECOME a PATRON: 😇   🤍 For ArtSpear MERCHANDISE: 👕   🤍 (thank you so much!) Keep up-to-date with all things ARTSPEAR: 👤 🤍 👤 🤍 📷 🤍 🐦 🤍 CHARACTERS IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE Harley Quinn, Apocalypse, Jadis the White Witch, Nosferatu, Red Skull, Nebula, Hela, Ultron, Zod, Lex Luthor, Enchantress, Steppenwolf, Xenomorph/Alien, Darth Maul, Freddy Krueger, Davy Jones, Imperial Stormtrooper, Agent Smith, The Queen of Hearts, The Wicked Witch of the West, The Riddler, O-Ren Ishii, Bellatrix LeStrange, Deadshot, The Witch King, Catwoman, Bane, Poison Ivy, Two-Face (Eckhart), Captain Phasma, Boba Fett, Kylo Ren, Azog, Lurtz, Elle Driver, Gazelle, Predator, Venom, Velociraptor, General Grievous, Loki, Zemo, Malekith, Aldrich Killian, Abomination, Whiplash, Kaecilius, Yellowjacket, The Vulture, Ronan the Accuser, The Joker (Leto), The Joker (Ledger), The Joker (Nicholson), Hans Gruber, Ghostface (Scream), Michael Myers, Leatherface, Norman Bates, Patrick Bateman, Jack Torrance (The Shining), Jason Vorhees, Pamela Vorhees, Chucky, Voldemort, Sauron, Darth Vader, Gollum, The T-1000, Dracula, Mr Freeze, The Night King, Fell Beast, Fenris Wolf, Sandman, Imhotep, Ahmanet, Pennywise, The Penguin, Annie Wilkes, Toad, Max Shreck, Dr Evil, Psylocke, Jean Grey (Janssen), Saruman, Thanos, Dietrich, Toht, Belloq, Walter Donovan, Irina Spalko, Battle Droid, Lady Deathstrike, Mola Ram, Hannibal Lecter, Khan, The Rancor (audio only), Jabba the Hutt, John Doe, Scarecrow, Two-Face (Jones), Sabertooth, Eye of the Adversary, Emma Frost, Queen Ravenna, Grendel’s Mother, Rita Repulsa, Maleficent, Archangel, Green Goblin, The Sarlacc, The Headless Horseman, Jareth the Goblin King, Shelob, Katana, El Diablo, Amanda Waller, “Independence Day” Alien, "Mars Attacks” Martian, Seth Brundle/The Fly, Edgar the Bug, “Starship Troopers” Warrior Bug, Electro, Carrie White, Betelgeuse, Regan MacNeil (Exorcist), Margaret White (Carrie’s Mom - audio only), Annabelle, Tiffany (Bride of Chucky), Medusa, Dog Alien (Alien 3), The Newborn (Alien: Resurrection), Warrior Alien (Aliens), The Alien Queen, King Kong, Facehugger, TIE fighters, Flying Monkeys, Koba (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Alonzo Harris (Training Day), Gozer & Slimer (Ghostbusters), Supreme Leader Snoke, Emperor Palpatine, Count Dooku, Zorg (Fifth Element), Tripod (War of the Worlds), Sentinel (Matrix), Doctor Octopus, Joffrey Baratheon, Cersei Lannister, Tywin Lannister, Captain Barbossa, Lawrence Talbot/The Wolfman, Akasha the Queen of the Damned, Vincent (Collateral), Lestat, The shark (Jaws), Tony Montana, Killer Croc, The Lizard, T-Rex (Jurassic Park), Smaug, Godzilla, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Oddjob, Hans Landa, Roy Batty, Walter White & Jesse Pinkman, Neil McCauley, Vincent Vega & Jules Winnfield, Don Vito Corleone, Magneto, T-X, Colonel Miles Quaritch, Iron Monger, Megatron, Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s Monster, Pinhead, Anton Chigurh, Sebastian Shaw, Dalek, HAL 9000, The Thing, Sentinel (X-Men: DOFP), Doomsday, Batman (Affleck), Jean Grey (Turner), Deadpool, Indiana Jones, Rey, Batman (Bale), Prof. Charles Xavier, Dr Manhattan, Vision, Nightcrawler, Hulk, Gandalf, Hellboy, Ash Williams, Ninja Turtles - Rafael, Donatello, Leonardo & Michelangelo, Doctor Who, Spider-Man, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Superman, Marty McFly, Iron Man, Wolverine, Laura/X-23. TOON SANDWICH - THE FULL PLATTER! (All our animations in one all-you-can-eat playlist) ▶️   🤍 THE VOID: REBOOTED (Our live-action-packed comedy series about a never-ending film production) ▶️   🤍 Toon Sandwich LIFE (The misadventures of Toon Sandwich creators Joe & Rita and their animated houseguests) ▶️   🤍 Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed this sandwich! 😃 _

Black Sherif - Toxic Love City [Official Audio]


Listen to the album "The Villain I Never Was". Out Now! Stream: 🤍 #BlackSherif #TheVillainINeverWas #EMPIRE Official Audio by Black Sherif - "The Villain I Never Was" © 2022 Blacko Management / EMPIRE

A villain but make them the ✨main character ✨ // playlist


hi! ♡♡♡ First of all, thank you all so much for the incredible support, you are too kind ♡ Secondly, I've been reading the comments, and the little stories, povs etc you post? I-... the TALENT is immeasurable ! you all are so good at this. For what it's worth, i'm so proud of you, and please don't stop writing. ♡ (the original caption ↓) A few years back, I used to listen to this type of music but then I discovered some other genres and kind of drifted away from this one. But recently I've seen a couple of playlists with the "villain" theme, so I had to make my own. And let me tell you the songs brought back some old memories. Also the movies I've been watching and books I've been reading lately, all revolved around the "hero-villain" theme, so that was another thing that prompted me to make this. Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy, 'cause you know, sometimes its more fun to imagine being the bad guy than the hero. Love, N.♡ ♡ my ko-fi page (if you want you can tip me some money): 🤍 ♡ Leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed ♡ Timestamps are in the pinned comment ♡ Spotify link: 🤍 ♡ complete playlist with all of my villain playlists: 🤍 ♡ Part 2: 🤍 ♡ Part 3: 🤍 ♡ Part 4: 🤍 ♡ Part 5: 🤍 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ If you see ads on my videos I am sorry, I sadly can't do anything about it. I don't make any money off of them, it's monetized because of copyright. To fix this you can: a) go to the end of the video and then replay it from the beginning b) install a good ad-block on your browser c) or you can click here 🤍 it will take you to the website where you just enter the URL and play it without ads . It is safe and it can also loop videos. ♥ If you know some other ways of watching without ads, please let me know! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ DISCLAIMER: None of these songs used to make this are mine. All credit goes to every single rightful owner. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. All rights to the created owner. This video is just for entertainment purposes #villainplaylist

Batman vs All Villains :Return of the All Villain [HD]


" There's this nasty little rumour, We don't like a Stump Out "

Every Batman Movie Villain Analyzed By a Psychologist | WIRED


Dr. Travis Langley, a psychology professor and author, analyzes each and every villain from the Batman movies. Dr. Langely explains, in details, the motivations behind movie villains like the Joker, Catwoman, Riddler, Bane, Poison Ivy and more. Looking at this villains from a psychological angle, Dr. Langley breaks down what makes these villains tick. Check out Dr. Langley's book about Batman: 🤍 Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► 🤍 Listen to the Get WIRED podcast ►► 🤍 Want more WIRED? Get the magazine ►► 🤍 Follow WIRED: Instagram ►►🤍 Twitter ►►🤍 Facebook ►►🤍 Get more incredible stories on science and tech with our daily newsletter: 🤍 Also, check out the free WIRED channel on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Every Batman Movie Villain Analyzed By a Psychologist | WIRED

Black Sherif - Konongo Zongo (Official Visualizer)


Listen to the album “The Villain I Never Was". Out Now! Stream: 🤍 #BlackSherif #TheVillainINeverWas #EMPIRE Official Audio by Black Sherif - "The Villain I Never Was" © 2022 Blacko Management / EMPIRE

Every Villain in Swellview 🦹 | Henry Danger & Danger Force


Swellview always has some villain trying to take over. Luckily, Captain Man, Henry Danger, and the Danger Force are here to protect Swellview from these villains. From Rick Twitler to the Toddler, check out every villain ever to arrive in Swellview. #Villain #Dangerverse #Superhero 0:00 Blackout 0:26 Lawn Ranger 0:36 Lizard Twin 0:43 Rick Twitler 1:08 Rick Twitler & Dre 1:42 The Bee Keeper 2:19 Cavekid 2:43 Bill Evil 3:12 Kyle 3:41 Dr. Minyak 4:40 Gwen 5:19 Van Del 5:53 Jack Frittleman 6:38 The Mole Queen 7:02 Derrick Face 7:29 The Toddler 8:02 Chest Monster 8:25 Drill Finger 9:15 The Time Jerker 9:41 Go Bro 10:04 Frankini and Goomer 10:44 Lil' Dynamite 11:13 Stainless Steve 11:56 Archduke Fernando 12:32 Heather 13:14 Big Beard 14:03 Barge 14:50 Takeout 15:18 Jeff Bilsky 16:03 Thumb Buddies 16:31 Phone Shark 16:49 Krampus 17:13 The Spoiler 17:54 Mr. Nice Guy Catch more Henry Danger & Danger Force everywhere Nickelodeon is available! 🦸🏼‍♂️🦸🏼‍♂️ Subscribe for More Henry Danger: 🤍 🦸🏼‍♂️🦸🏼‍♂️ Watch More Henry Danger: 🤍 ►► Watch More from Nick: 🤍 ►► SpongeBob on YouTube: 🤍 ►► NickRewind on YouTube: 🤍 ►► All That on YouTube: 🤍 ►► What’s On TV? : 🤍 GET MORE HENRY DANGER: ►► Like Henry Danger on Facebook: 🤍 ►► Like Henry Danger on Instagram:🤍 ►► Like Henry Danger on Twitter: 🤍 GET SOCIAL WITH NICKELODEON: ►► Like Nick: 🤍 ►► Follow Nick: 🤍 ►► Nick Instagram: 🤍 ►► Nick Snapchat: 🤍 ►► Like NickRewind: 🤍 ►► Follow NickRewind: 🤍 ►► NickRewind Instagram: 🤍 ►► Nick Tumblr: 🤍 ►► Pin Nick: 🤍 ►► Visit the Official Site: 🤍 ►► Get the App: 🤍 Welcome to the DANGER ZONE! Here at the Official Henry Danger & Danger Force YouTube Channel, you can find all of your favorite Swellview characters in one place. Dive into your favorite “shipping” moments between Henry Hart (Jace Norman) and Charlotte Page (Riele Downs), hilarious goofs and gags with Jasper Dunlop (Sean Ryan Fox), and insane crime fighting with Captain Man (Cooper Barnes) and Schwoz (Michael Cohen). Don’t forget about behind the scenes footage with Piper (Ella Anderson) and the rest of the Hart family! Subscribe to join the super hero family channel with EXCLUSIVE CONTENT you won’t find anywhere else!

Beating Every Super Villain in Real Life


Beating Every Super Villain in Real Life with Preston 👊 👕 MERCH - 🤍 👀 FOLLOW ME HERE! 🡆 TikTok - 🤍 🡆 Instagram - 🤍 🡆 Twitter - 🤍 🡆 PrestonShorts - 🤍 🎮 Join my Fan Discord! 🡆 🤍 Additional music provided by Epidemic Sound Click here for a free trial! 🡆 🤍



Buy the heavy metal Disney Villain album: ►ITunes: 🤍 ►Google Play: 🤍 ►Amazon: 🤍 ►Spotify: 🤍 ►PHYSICAL CD: 🤍 ►►►►SONG LIST: 1 (0:01) Be Prepared 2 (3:49) Poor Unfortunate Souls 3 (6:47) In The Dark of the Night 4 (9:14) Shiny 5 (12:04) Yzma's Song 6 (15:02) You're Only Second Rate 7 (17:26) Mine, Mine, Mine 8 (21:16) Savages 9 (23:01) Friends on the Other Side 10 (27:09) Trust in Me 11 (29:45) Toxic Love 12 (32:02) Gaston 13 (35:35) The Mob Song 14 (38:07) Playing With the Big Boys 15 (41:25) The Point of No Return 16 (44:30) Phantom of the Opera 17 (48:30) Prince Ali 18 (51:33) My Lullaby 19 (54:22) This Is Halloween 20 (58:10) Oogie Boogie's Song 21 (1:00:49) Bells of Notre Dame 22 (1:06:03) Hellfire ►►►►COLLABORATORS: Mixing & Mastering: Johnny Franck from Bilmuri 🤍 Instrumental, Mix & Master on 11, 14, 18, 20 🤍 Guest Vocals on 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 21 🤍 Instrumental on 9, 13 🤍 Guest Vocals on 15, 16 🤍 Arrangement & Instrumental on 17 🤍 Guest Vocals on 19 & various cinematography 🤍TravisdCarte Guitar Solo on 10 🤍RichaadEB ~ ►Donate and support me: 🤍 say hi ►Twitter - 🤍 (🤍jonathanymusic) ►Insta - 🤍 (🤍jonathanymusic) ►Facebook - 🤍 ►CONTACT - jonathanyoungmusic🤍

Every TMNT (2012) Villain & Monster EVER! 🐢 | Nickelodeon Cartoon Universe


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have battled a number of villains and monsters throughout the years - here is a compilation of every single one! Which one was the most scary? 🚀 Subscribe for More NCU: 🤍 🚀 Watch More NCU: 🤍 ►► Watch More from Nick: 🤍 ►► SpongeBob on YouTube: 🤍 ►► The Loud House & Casagrandes on YouTube: 🤍 ►► Avatar on YouTube: 🤍 ►► NickRewind on YouTube: 🤍 ►► Henry Danger: 🤍 #TMNT #VillainsAndMonsters #NickToons GET MORE NICKELODEON: Like Nick: 🤍 Follow Nick: 🤍 Nick Instagram: 🤍 Like SpongeBob: 🤍 Follow SpongeBob: 🤍 SpongeBob Instagram: 🤍 Like NickRewind: 🤍 Follow NickRewind: 🤍 NickRewind Instagram: 🤍 Visit the Official Site: 🤍 Get the App: 🤍 MORE NICK ANIMATION: Official Website: 🤍​ Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Every MCU Villain Ranked Worst To Best


There are many reasons to love the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Marvel has something of a reputation for not having the most compelling villains. Thankfully, they have been working to change this in recent years. The Avengers movies would not be the same without Loki’s cunning or Ultron and Thanos’ desire to end humanity. Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit that powerful and complex supervillains make the best superhero movies even better. Everyone has their favorites, but we've decided to count them all down. Let's take a look at every MCU villain ranked from worst to best. #MCU #Villains #Marvel Kurse | 0:00 Fenris | 0:30 Laufey | 1:04 Brandt and Savin | 1:29 The Scorpion | 1:47 Batroc the Leaper | 2:10 The Shockers | 2:33 Baron Von Strucker | 3:08 The Destroyer | 3:34 Justin Hammer | 3:58 The Leader | 4:28 General Ross | 5:16 Abomination | 5:44 Malekith | 6:05 Whiplash | 6:29 The Collector | 6:50 Raza | 7:33 Korath the Pursuer | 8:11 Ulysses Klaue [claw] | 8:52 Sonny Burch | 9:13 Ayesha | 9:53 The Chitauri | 10:25 Arnim Zola | 10:49 Mordo | 11:11 The Black Order | 11:43 Ronan the Accuser | 12:10 Yellowjacket | 12:44 Ghost | 13:05 Surtur | 13:55 Supreme Intelligence | 14:25 Red Skull | 15:08 Kaecilius | 15:33 The Tinkerer | 15:58 Topaz | 16:16 The Prowler | 16:53 The Ravagers | 17:40 Crossbones | 18:22 Dormammu | 18:43 Nebula | 19:15 Alexander Pierce | 20:00 The Mandarin | 20:42 The Grandmaster | 21:18 Iron Monger | 21:44 Ultron | 22:23 Helmut Zemo | 22:52 Aldrich Killian | 23:18 Ego | 23:51 Mysterio | 24:26 The Vulture | 24:55 Hela | 25:19 Erik Killmonger | 25:49 Loki | 26:30 Thanos | 26:59 Read Full Article: 🤍

Ranking ALL 23 Villains in MCU Phase Four From WEAKEST To STRONGEST | Power Ranking


The end of Phase 4 in the MCU is almost here (and then theres the beginning of phase 5 and then phase 6 cause the MCU never really ends) but I think now feels like a good time to take a look back. Take a look back at all the villains that we’ve seen so far and rank them all from weakest to strongest. So lets get into it! BECOME A MEMBER! Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 JOIN OUR DISCORD! The Battle Arena community is waiting for you! Bring your best debates and questions! 🤍 If you want to see more videos like this, SUBSCRIBE here! 🤍 Join our DANCO DISCORD! 🤍 Merch - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA - INSTAGRAM (DanCo) - 🤍 - INSTAGRAM (Personal) - 🤍 - INSTAGRAM (Personal) - 🤍 SUPPORT ME - Paypal Donations - 🤍 - You can also give back here! 🤍 mcu villains ranked,marvel cinematic universe,kang the conqueror,power scaling,what if,every marvel villain ranked,scarlet witch,tier list,moon knight,black panther,mcu,marvel,avengers,mcu tier list,ultron,celestials,thanos,loki,black widow,she hulk,hulk,spiderman,spider man,deadpool,wolverine,shang chi,thor,gorr,eternals,mcu phase 4,mcu phase 5,marvel ranked,black panther wakanda forever,doctor strange,danco,iron man,marvel studios,deadpool 3,vs

Ranking EVERY VILLAIN in One Piece!


🔴 Subscribe for more One Piece content: 🤍 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 NEW WORLD REVIEW (Second channel): 🤍 PATREON: 🤍 DISCORD: 🤍 REDDIT: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 Teespring: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Music: - Epic by Bensound (🤍 - Hypnothisby Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 🤍 Jolly Roger Design by Ambereddraws: 🤍 🤍

Imagining Resident Evil 9 | All Villain Returns l Unreal Engine 5


Resident Evil Villains Reunion - Unreal Engine 5 Exclusive Short Film A few days ago, I was imagining what would happen if all the villains of the Resident Evil series such as nemisis, mrx, Mendez came back to life in a dark cemetery and reunions with each other. We can imagine such an idea as an DLC in Resident Evil 9. We decided to make this Cool and scary idea a reality with Unreal Engine 5 and share it with you, hope you enjoy! 🎧 Use headphones for a better experience ◖Created By TeaserPlayStudio

Dinner With Villains Chucky! Episode 2


Check out our merch! Subscribe to be a part of the CC Squad! Our Other Channels 🤍HD Fam 🤍Loki 🤍Carlie HD 🤍Carlaylee HD Gaming 🤍Carlaylee Hd Shorts Follow us: 🤍 TikTok 🤍 carlie.hd Doll Maker Videos: 🤍 Encanto Skits 🤍 Roleplay and skits 🤍 Poppy Playtime And Huggy Wuggy 🤍 Cutting Open videos 🤍 For buisness inquiries email: carlayleehd🤍 #chucky, #dinnerwithvillains, #dinnerwithchucky,

1 Fact for EVERY Villain in Pokemon!


⭐️ 1 Fact for EVERY Main Character in Pokemon! 🤍 Did you know Giovanni was originally going to be a Youngster trainer for the Viridian City Gym? Did you know Lysandre is most likely still alive under the rubble from the explosion in Geosenge Town? Or what about the fact that Cyrus is only 27 years old? And that's just three villain facts of the 100 that I go over in this video! 00:00 Intro 00:04 100 Pokemon Villains Facts 14:41 Outro #Pokemon #PokemonTrivia #PokemonTrivia ► Gaming: 🤍Dobbs Gaming ► Twitter: 🤍 ► TikTok: 🤍 ► Discord: 🤍 ► Merch: 🤍 🎮 Elgato products here! 🤍 Main Sources: Thumbnail Art: 🤍 Mainly Edited by: 🤍 More Sources: 🤍 Research by: Dougbro & Carden_F If your work wasn't cited, please email me!

Here's What Happened To Every James Bond Villain


Every great action movie franchise has to have a strong, charismatic hero and villains that provide them with substantial obstacles. It’s why the James Bond film franchise has lasted for over half a century. The film series has consistently provided cinema’s most popular secret agent with some memorable and heinous villains. The villains in James Bond movies have gotten even better with time, thanks to the great performances of actors like Javier Bardem, Sean Bean, and many others. In honor of all the Bond villains that have contributed to the success of the franchise, here’s a list of what happened to the actors who played every one of them. #JamesBond #Villains #Movies Rami Malek in No Time to Die | 0:00 Christoph Waltz in Spectre | 00:49 Javier Bardem in Skyfall | 01:49 Mathieu Amalric in Quantum of Solace | 02:41 Mads Mikkelsen in Casino Royale | 03:23 Toby Stephens in Die Another Day | 04:04 Robert Carlyle in The World Is Not Enough | 04:37 Jonathan Pryce in Tomorrow Never Dies | 05:19 Sean Bean in GoldenEye | 05:55 Robert Dravi in Licence to Kill | 06:30 Jeroen Krabbé in The Living Daylights | 07:03 Joe Don Baker in The Living Daylights | 07:49 Christopher Walken in A View to a Kill | 08:24 Julian Glover in For Your Eyes Only | 09:10 Michael Lonsdale in Moonraker | 09:54 Louis Jourdan in Octopussy | 10:43 Richard Kiel in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker | 11:18 Curd Jürgens in The Spy Who Loved Me | 12:01 Christopher Lee in The Man with the Golden Gun | 12:40 Yaphet Kotto in Live and Let Die | 13:28 Geoffrey Holder in Live and Let Die | 13:58 Charles Gray in Diamonds Are Forever | 14:29 Telly Savalas in On Her Majesty's Secret Service | 15:11 Donald Pleasence in You Only Live Twice | 16:00 Adolfo Celi in Thunderball | 16:32 Gert Fröbe in Goldfinger | 17:03 Harold Sakata in Goldfinger | 17:49 Lotte Lenya in From Russia with Love | 18:31 Joseph Wiseman in Dr. No | 19:07 Read Full Article: 🤍

If Every Villain Had An Assistant (Kevin the Assistant Compilation)


Hitmonchan spritework by JoshR691: 🤍 Kevin did a lot of good for the forces of evil. Support Dorkly by subscribing to DROPOUT: 🤍 Subscribe to Lowbrow Studios' channel here: 🤍 Geek out with us... FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍

LeapFrog | Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+


Finally, the character you've all been waiting for. 🐸 Don't miss a brand new episode of Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, streaming tomorrow on Disney+. ► Watch Marvel on Disney+: 🤍 ► Subscribe to Marvel on YouTube: 🤍 Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪🤍 Like Marvel on Facebook: ‪🤍 Watch Marvel on Twitch: 🤍 Reward your Marvel fandom by joining Marvel Insider! Earn points, then redeem for awesome rewards. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more at 🤍 For even more news, stay tuned to: Tumblr: ‪🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: ‪🤍 Reddit: 🤍

Every Walking Dead Villain Ranked From Worst To Best


The Walking Dead may be about humans trying to stay away from flesh-eating zombies, but it is also a story about how humans turn on each other when push comes to shove. There have always been human antagonists on the show, and a lot of them have been quite threatening. The Governor proved to everyone that this would be a show where humans were the true villains, and he still remains one of the scariest the show has ever seen. You all know who number one will be, but let’s take a look at every Walking Dead villain, ranked from worst to best. #Villain #Ranking #TheWalkingDead Jadis (Anne) | 0:00 Gregory | 1:26 The Wolves | 2:45 Gareth | 3:48 Dwight | 5:08 Joe | 6:30 Dawn | 7:42 The Governor | 9:00 Alpha | 10:15 Negan | 11:12 Read Full Article: 🤍

Ranking Every Dragon Ball Villain From Weakest To Strongest


The 25 Strongest Dragon Ball Villains Ranked SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: 🤍 Dragon Ball has been around for over 20 years and, in that time, we’ve seen Goku go from a spry kid taking on the toughest martial artists to the strongest being in the universe. He’s fought mercenaries, androids, alien dictators and more androids, each one stronger than the last! However, we have to ask the inevitable question, which one is the strongest? There’ve been dozens of villains spanning all of the shows in the franchise. Today, we attempt to answer just that and rank all the major Dragon Ball Villains from weakest to strongest. Is Frieza stronger than Jiren? Is Jiren stronger than Broly? Which android is stronger: 17 or 18? Could Goku really defeat Zamasu? These questions and more will be looked into during this video. To make this as accurate as possible, we’ll be looking at the very beginning with the original Dragon Ball and look all the way to Dragon Ball Super. While power creep is a real thing, it’s safe to say that the Dragon Ball villains will be on the lower tier of this list, seeing as they were defeated when Goku was a child. The power levels of the villains in DBZ and DBS might be a bit harder to judge, and that’s where the fun begins. If you agree with our list, or would like to recommend more villains for us to cover, be sure to leave a comment and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and ring that bell for more CBR content. Our Social Media: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Our Website 🤍

Village Project | New Natok | Sajal, Sabuj, Ifti, Mosaddik Shahin, Zara Noor | Drama Serial | EP 84


Village Project (V.P) - New Natok 2022 - Village Project Natok/ ভিলেজ প্রজেক্ট নাটক, starring Anwarul Alam Sajal, Iftekhar Ifti, Mosaddik Shahin, Sabuj Ahmed, Rabina, Zara Nur in lead roles, directed by Eagle Team. Village Project (V.P) Season 3 Natok [A Eagle Music Original Drama Series] Directed by: Eagle Team Story/Script: Pratyay Hasan Village Project Natok Cast: Anwarul Alam Sajal, Sabuj Ahmed, Iftekhar Ifti, Azmayeen Meherab Elham, Mosaddik Shahin, Tuhin Chowdhury, FH Shaan, Shawon Majumder, Mohammad Jahangir Kabir, Sumon Patwary, Lipu Mama, SI Prince, Mohsin Reza, Rabina, Sporshia Mim, Zara Noor, Afreba Khan Mumu, Sneha, Mimo, Rezvena Moushumi, Priyonti Gomez, Alisha Tamanna, Eshika Shinjon Sharoj. Asst Director: Kamruzzaman Rana, Shuvojeet Roy DoP: Johir Rayhan, Mohammad Sujon Edit: Md. Badhon Asst Edit: Anik Islam, Shamim Hossain Color: Bappi Background Score: Ankur Mahamud Sound Engineer: Mahmudul Hasan Romance Graphic Design: Nadia Production Manager: Sumon Patwary, Rana Sheikh Production Assistant: Jahangir Alam, Ruhul Amin, Babu, Hridoy Mohonto, Mohsin, Alamgir. Camera Crew Chief: Noyon Molla, Md. Hanif Camera Crew Assistant: Shakil, Hridoy, Riyad, Arman Makeup: Forhad Ahmed, Alif Zahid Light: Alam Hossain, Nobir Light Supply: Hridoy, Babul, Shaymol, Sumon, Mosharraf, Alamin Trolley: Mosharraf Transport: Faruk, Alamin, Shohag, Shahadat Generator Man: Riyad Location: Bikrampur Post: Eagle Creative House ভিলেজ প্রজেক্ট (ভি.পি)নাটক — সিজন ৩ Label: Eagle Music™ Produced By: Kachi Ahmed Village Project (V.P) Drama © 2022 Eagle Music #VillageProject #Natok2022 #NewNatok2022 #EagleDramaSeries #episode84 #Season3

The Most Tragic Batman Villain


Click this link to make some cash for giving your opinion! 🤍 Thanks YouGov for sponsoring! Hey! HiTop Films, Halloween HiTop here to continue the tradition of talking the spooky season to talk about Batman: The Animated Series. Two Years Ago, I teamed up with my favorite characters to talk about One Horrifying Moment: BATMAN and the Terror of Identity, last year I talked about The Most Terrifying Tale of THE BATMAN, and this year, I’m here to talk about The Most Disturbing Batman Villain, The Most Tragic Batman Villain, Baby Doll. These are some of my favorite videos to make, some of my favorite HiTop Films Batman Video Essay to make. Scary Batman is some of my favorite Batman. Out of all the Batman Villains, Mary is up there for me. Anytime I can talk about DCAU Batman, Kevin Conroy Batman, I’m thrilled. Anytime I get to mention Batman Does Not Kill, I will take it. Batman, Baby Doll is haunting. This is an early Halloween video. Thank you for all the love and support. Check out our Jason Todd Film - 🤍 🔶SUPPORT US ON PATREON🔶 🤍 🖥 DISCORD LINK 🖥 🤍 🐦 🤍hitopfilms 🐦 Business Inquiries: hitopfilms🤍 #Batman #HiTopFilms MUSIC: Midsummer Nights - Moments OI0AFVNWZFIXRDWA A Dark Past - Wicked Cinema 0JWU6XLEKAPDKGFL All That Remains - Wicked Cinema CIMI6O1ZSR2MZNJE Wooden - Wicked Cinema YIN6UFWMRZPAFLWC Harvester -Wicked Cinema QPN1RLIZARQBKMU8 Fallout - Wicked Cinema GEDTR2VNBLVCLOAJ Chapters: 0:00 - The Spooky Season 2:00 - Mary 6:25 - A Twisted Reflection 7:48 - Baby Doll and The Batman

The Real Villain of Nope


Get an extended 30 Day free trial of MUBI: 🤍 What is Jordan Peele's Nope Really About? // support my channel on Patreon: 🤍 // Sources: [1] Entertainment Weekly Roundtable: 🤍 [2] "Where Have all the Black Cowboys Gone?" 🤍 [3] Uproxx Interview with Jordan Peele: 🤍 // Listen to my podcast, Cinema of Meaning: iTunes: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Nebula: 🤍 // monthly newsletter: 🤍 // TWITTER: 🤍 // WEBSITE: 🤍 // FACEBOOK: 🤍 // MERCH: 🤍 // sponsorship and business inquiries: thomasflight🤍 // Questions, feedback, other stuff: contact🤍

Defeat a Villain who was once imprisoned inside a dormant volcano | Marvel Contest Of Champions |


New mission set todays mission is Legend of Harkoon. So let's do it easy. Marvel Contest Of Champions is the entirety of the very few games worth the hype. Gamers have waited for years to match their favorite superheroes and supervillains. Marvel Contest Of Champions is one of a kind game for sure. Many teenagers today have spent their childhood watching ironman and hulk in action. MCOC provided die-hard fans an opportunity to control the superheroes they adored the most. Marvel Contest Of Champions was a long-awaited game because of its affiliation with Marvel superheroes. The icing on the cake was that this game was released across several platforms. From desktop version to mobile app version, you can install this game in any way. This distinguishing feature of the game helped developers grab the attention of a more extensive user base. You will be astonished to learn that more than 3 million people participated during the promotion of Ant-Man and Black Panther. The number of players on various MCOC platforms is rising every day. Credit goes to the developing team of Marvel Contest Of Champions, which provides constant updates. With every addition to the Marvel series comes updated combats and characters in the game. It keeps the players engaged and doesn't let their interests die. With new updates comes new villains to beat. It is where VictorVon steps in. You will find the ideal content to defeat the latest villains on this channel. MCOC is like mortal combat with unpredictable Villains and marvel characters. All the characters' signature abilities require experience to use correctly. When new players enter this game, they cannot unlock and use these perks. Hence, it lowers satisfaction levels because your opponents don't let these things go quickly. To beat your opponent while utilizing the maximum potential of your characters, you need proper guidance. News and guiding content related to MCOC is uploaded on VictorVon every week multiple times. It gives you the perk of staying ahead of your friends and foes all the time. Wanna know the fastest way of getting the 4-star shards? Not only getting 4-stars bits, but we will also take your gaming experience to a whole new level by guiding you on how to unlock 6-star characters. Since the launch of MCOC, the management of VictorVon has kept a keen eye on all the changes. Due to these years of experience, our team has been able to crack the algorithms of the MCOC. Our extensive research skills help us develop the easiest and the most innovative ways to beat all challenges. Whether you are a die-hard fan of Marvel Contest Of Champions or a casual gamer, please go through our videos to find helpful content. Thank You By VictorVon #mcoc #marvelcontestofchampions

The Next BIG Villain Is COMING....


Something is coming...... and it's coming SOON! If you enjoyed the video, make sure to subscribe, leave a like and hit the bell to stay up to date on all things Nintendo, it helps more than you think! Outro: Qumu Pikmin "Today's Results" Remix- 🤍 Follow me on social media for more content and updates! Twitter: 🤍 - Official Nin10doland Discord: 🤍 - Instagram: Nin10doland: 🤍 Personal: 🤍 Nin10doland Members: Click "Memberships" beside the subscribe button to get some awesome in chat perks, play with me on livestreams, and also have some sweet loyalty badges all for a super low price! -

Dream Vs all Mob (villain)


Top 20 Disney Villain Songs of All Time


You poor unfortunate souls should be prepared for the best Disney villain songs. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most compelling songs sung by Disney antagonists in animated films. Our countdown includes "Peter Pan," "Aladdin," "The Little Mermaid," and more! What's YOUR favorite Disney villain song? Let us know in the comments! Watch more great Disney videos here: Top 20 Disney Villains of All Time - 🤍 Top 20 Female Disney Villains of All Time - 🤍 Top 10 Most Underrated Disney Villain Songs - 🤍 Have Your Idea Become A Video! 🤍 Subscribe for more great content! 🤍 MsMojo is a leading producer of reference online video content of Top 10 Lists, Origins, Biographies, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture. #Disney #Villain #Songs #VillainSongs #Musicals

Every VILLAIN From Swellview 💀 ! | Henry Danger


Swellview has some of the strongest, scariest and strangest villains in town. Here is every villain ever from Henry Danger, including Drex, The Toddler, Evil Charlotte and more! Catch more Henry Danger & Danger Force everywhere Nickelodeon is available! 🦸🏼🦸🏼 Subscribe for More Henry Danger: 🤍 🦸🏼🦸🏼 Watch More Henry Danger: 🤍 ►► Watch More from Nick: 🤍 ►► SpongeBob on YouTube: 🤍 ►► NickRewind on YouTube: 🤍 ►► All That on YouTube: 🤍 ►► America’s Most Musical Family on YouTube: 🤍 ►► What’s On TV? : 🤍 #HenryDanger #DangerForce #Nickelodeon GET MORE HENRY DANGER: ►► Like Henry Danger on Facebook: 🤍 ►► Like Henry Danger on Instagram:🤍 ►► Like Henry Danger on Twitter: 🤍 GET SOCIAL WITH NICKELODEON: ►► Like Nick: 🤍 ►► Follow Nick: 🤍 ►► Nick Instagram: 🤍 ►► Nick Snapchat: 🤍 ►► Like NickRewind: 🤍 ►► Follow NickRewind: 🤍 ►► NickRewind Instagram: 🤍 ►► Nick Tumblr: 🤍 ►► Pin Nick: 🤍 ►► Visit the Official Site: 🤍 ►► Get the App: 🤍 Welcome to the DANGER ZONE! Here at the Official Henry Danger & Danger Force YouTube Channel, you can find all of your favorite Swellview characters in one place. Dive into your favorite “shipping” moments between Henry Hart (Jace Norman) and Charlotte Page (Riele Downs), hilarious goofs and gags with Jasper Dunlop (Sean Ryan Fox), and insane crime fighting with Captain Man (Cooper Barnes) and Schwoz (Michael Cohen). Don’t forget about behind the scenes footage with Piper (Ella Anderson) and the rest of the Hart family! Subscribe to join the super hero family channel with EXCLUSIVE CONTENT you won’t find anywhere else! New videos are released every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday! #KidsChoiceAwards #KCAs

Hard Driver & Villain - One More Track (Official Video)


Hard Driver & Villain - One More Track | Official Hardstyle video clip. 🎧 🤍 ◉ Subscribe to Dirty Workz: 🤍 ◉ Join our Discord server: 🤍 ▼ Subscribe to our Spotify playlist: 🤍 ▼ Webshop: 🤍 Make sure to subscribe to Dirty Workz : 🤍 ..and turn on notifications to stay updated for all new uploads!🔔 Hard Driver & Villain - One More Track Release date: 30th of September 2022 Genre: Hardstyle Follow Hard Driver Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 🤍Hard Driver Follow Villain: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Videoclip credits: Edit by Jurgen Slootman and Animations by Gergő Szabó Dirty Workz is the Worlds leading Hardstyle label. With a broad sound, representing World leading Hardstyle artists, supporting the rising stars in the Hardstyle scene as well as the darker sounds of Raw under the Anarchy Hardstyle imprint to the fresh new combination of sounds which is Wolf Clan and the faster party sounds of Electric Fox - Dirty Workz has it all! Brand new Hardstyle 2022 only on DWX. #Hardstyle #DirtyWorkz #OneMoreTrack

The Ultimate Ninjago Villain Tier List! 😈 Ranking Ninjago Villains!


Hey guys! Welcome back to a new video here on the channel! If you enjoyed this one, feel free to check out some of my other content! Also please consider leaving a 'LIKE' and 'SUBSCRIBE'! It helps me out tremendously! 💙 Check out my other social media pages! 👕 Merch - 🤍 🐦 Twitter - 🤍 📷 Instagram - 🤍 💻 Discord - 🤍 🎮 Twitch - 🤍 DISCLAIMER: Because of YouTube terms & policies, I must specify that this video is not meant for children. While my videos primarily focus on Ninjago, my channel is designed to appeal towards an older audience. As an adult myself, I set out to make content for other adults. I cannot control who watches my videos, and I welcome all audiences, but I need to make my target demographic abundantly clear. Believe it or not, There are adult fans of Ninjago, LEGO, etc. These videos are made by adults, for adults. Thank you for understanding, and please enjoy the video! Have a question, comment or concern? Feel free to shoot me an e-mail! TannerFishiesOfficial🤍 This video is made with FAIR USE LAW in mind. Thanks for watching! #Ninjago #LEGO

BAD OMENS - Like A Villain (Official Music Video)


BAD OMENS // THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND // OUT NOW Buy / Stream: 🤍 Tickets / VIP: 🤍 Video directed by Orie McGinness Produced by Michael Taylor Produced and written by Noah Sebastian and Joakim Karlsson Engineered by Matt Dierkes, Noah Sebastian and Joakim Karlsson Mixed and mastered by Zakk Cervini at MDDN Studios Mix assistant: Nik Trekov LIKE A VILLAIN // LYRICS Look into my face, then look again We are not the same, we’re different To tell your tales and fables, you couldn’t wait You need a new clean slate without the dents A place to put your pain, your consequence When you look into the mirror are you even there? I don’t wanna know all your secrets because I’ll tell It’s hard enough being alone with myself I don’t know how long I’ll be holding on I know you tried your hardest I know that you meant well, but you pushed me to the edge and I slipped and then I fell I don’t know how long I’ll be holding on So write a brand new page then write again I know your act is staged yet you pretend all while you’re turning tables with missing legs I think you’ve overstayed your welcome in so go the fuck away, don’t come again I’ll see your face in the fire, and burn it out I don’t wanna know all your secrets because I’ll tell It’s hard enough being alone with myself I don’t know how long I’ll be holding on I know you tried your hardest I know that you meant well, but you pushed me to the edge and I slipped and then I fell I don’t know how long I’ll be holding on Like a villain, I couldn’t be I didn’t need it, it needed me FOLLOW SUMERIAN 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 FOLLOW BAD OMENS 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #BadOmens #LikeAVillain #TDOPOM #SumerianRecords

Disney Villain Medley - Singing Every Villain Song at Walt Disney World! | 8-year-old Claire Crosby


Subscribe to The Crosbys- 🤍 Listen to this song on Spotify! 🤍 iTunes: 🤍 Thanks to Disney for helping us make this video! #Disneyworld50 #DisneyKids #AD ► Follow Claire on Instagram - 🤍 ► Text Us! Our community number: (206) 202-3996 ► Get Crosby Merch - 🤍 ► Like us on Facebook - 🤍 ► Dad's Instagram 🤍 ► Mom's Instagram 🤍 ► Dave's YouTube channel: - 🤍 Arrangement done by John Leavitt! Check out his channel here: 🤍 Music video filmed Nick Sales at Aevium Films! Check out his channel here: 🤍 Equipment we use to record music: 🤍 Equipment we use to film vlogs: 🤍

20 Most Powerful South Indian Villains List of All Time


20 Most Powerful South Indian Villains List of All Time, South movies are action based film. And in every film they have such a Powerful dreaded Best Villains. Some south villains who played a negative and antagonist role are Prakash Raj,Dhananjay,Sonu Sood,Jagapathi Babu,Kabir Duhan Singh, Samuthirakani,Ramachandra Raju,Garuda ,Pradeep Rawat,Arvind Swamy,Kishore,Dev Gill,Rana Daggubati. #southindianvillains #southvillain #MostPowerfulSouthIndianVillains Today Malisha Jarin will tell you about 20 Most Powerful South Indian Villains List of All Time Prakash Raj one of the most popular villains in South Indian film industry. He has starred in all four languages like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. Best Villain Role Wanted , singham , Gilli, Pokiri. You can also watch - 20 Most Powerful South Indian Young Villains List | Part 1 🤍 20 Most Powerful South Indian Young Villains List | Part 2 🤍 20 Most Powerful South Indian Villains List of All Time Jagapathi Babu one of the omost powerful actor and vilain. He played dark role in Rangasthalam opposite of Ram charan. Jagapathi will see playing villain role in kannada upcoming film Roberrt opposite of darshan . Dolly Dhananjay played a villain role in 2018 kannada action film Tagaru . Dhananjay fight against Shiva Rajkumar. On the other hand Dolly Dhananjay will be seen playing as villain in upcoming kannada action drama film Pogaru . Sonu Sood pan indian actor and vilain. Sonu Sood play negative role in Arundathi which is one of the iconic character. 20 Most Powerful South Indian Villains List of All Time Rana Daggubati played as a powerful villain in Baahubali. The most handsome Villain Rana Daggubati has fought agianst Prabhas in Baahubali . Kabir Duhan Singh played villain role in 2019 kannada sports action film Pailwaan . Kabir Duhan is one of the most handsome villain in south film. Ashish Vidyarthi has played many villain roles in his career spanning over two decades. He is popular in all South Indian languages. Bicchoo, I smart Sankar 20 Most Powerful South Indian Villains List of All Time Atul Kulkarni dreaded actor and villain . Atul Kulkarni plays the main antagonist in the series Bandish Bandits. Kishore, is an Indian film actor, born in Karnataka who has worked in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinema. Dev Gill was seen as a villain in 2009 fantasy action film Magadheera opposite of Ram Charan . He is one of the most dreaded antagonist. 20 Most Powerful South Indian Villains List of All Time Raghuvaran late Indian actor who predominantly acted in films made in South India.His dialogue delivery was his biggest strength. who played an antagonist in Baasha opposite of Rajnikanth . Arvind Swamy is handosme and one of the leading actor in south film. His iconic negative role in Thani Oruvan. Beside that he played as an antagonist in Chekka Chivantha Vaanam. Rao Ramesh worked in Telugu cinema, Kannada, Tamil. Ramesh best villain role in Aarvind samitha, Karthikeya . 20 Most Powerful South Indian Villains List of All Time Nassar played as a villain in bahubali as Bijjaladeva and beside that His best villain role Villain in Dhammu, Cunning Villain in 1 Nenokkadine. Ravi Kishan played as an antagonist in 2014 Telugu film Race Gurram opposite of Allu Arjun. Rahul Dev played most iconic action scene in Vedelam opposite of Ajith Kumar. Rahul Dev in Dangerous villain of south film. 20 Most Powerful South Indian Villains List of All Time Sampath Raj bad guy avatars in films across South India, and Kollywood actor Sampath Raj . He played negative role in srimanthudu 2015. Pradeep Rawat is dreaded villain of Ghazini and fought against of suriya and Aamir khan . He also played as an antagonist against Allu arjun in Sarrainodu. Ramachandra Raju as Garuda played most powerful villain in Kannada film KGF. Garuda villain entry scene is most Dangerous Samuthirakani played villain role in vada chenai ,kaala, mass.He is talented actor of kollywood and diretor also. This video cover 20 Most Powerful South Indian Villains List of All Time, South movies are action based film. And in every film they have such a Powerful dreaded Best Villains. Some south villains are Prakash Raj,Dhananjay,Sonu Sood,Jagapathi Babu,Kabir Duhan Singh, Samuthirakani,Ramachandra Raju,Garuda ,Pradeep Rawat,Arvind Swamy,Kishore,Dev Gill,Rana Daggubati.

The Most Powerful Villain of All Time in D&D


Only 7 days to go!! Arora on Kickstarter! 🤍 Check out my PDF store! 🤍 Support me on Patreon! ► 🤍 Follow me on Twitter! ► 🤍 Business Only Email ► MrRhexxGames🤍 For art submissions, send it here! ► rhexxart🤍 Please make sure you only send art that you have yourself created, and make sure to give me the name you want the piece to be attributed to. For epic boxed text descriptions of your favorite D&D monsters, locations, or even spells check out 🤍 Sign up with code "rhexx" to get 10% off! - MUSIC Crypto by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Gathering Darkness by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Lost Time by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Private Reflection by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Agnus Dei X by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Decline by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Dreams Become Real by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Darkest Child by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 Magic Forest by Kevin MacLeod Link: 🤍 License: 🤍 SOURCES -Planescape: Planes of Chaos -Planescape: Monstrous Compendium Appendix I -Planescape: Monstrous Compendium Appendix II -Manual of the Planes 1st Edition -Manual of the Planes 3rd Edition -Planescape: On Hallowed Ground -Deities and Demigods -Forgotten Realms: Champions of Ruin -Polyhedron #118: Forgotten Deities -5e Adventurers League: Turn Back the Endless Night -Legends & Lore -Forgotten Realms: Powers & Pantheons -Forgotten Realms: Sword Coast Adventurers Guide 5e -Wikipedia articles on Ragnarok, to reference how D&D's version intersects with real life mythos

NEW RELEASE |The Kapil Sharma Show S2 | Endless Laughter With 90's Villain |Ep242 | FE | 2 Apr 2022


Click here to Subscribe to SET India: 🤍 Click here to watch the full episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show: 🤍 Episode 242: A Fun Banter With 90's Villain - In today's episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil introduces today's guests to the audience. They are none other than the big bad villains of the Bollywood industry - Mukesh Rishi, Ashish Vidyarthi, Yashpal Sharma, and Abhimanyu. He jokes around with them about their scary image among the audience. He tells Mukesh Rishi how Sony TV is a huge fan of 'Sooryavansham' as they keep on telecasting it almost daily. Ashish shares her ordeal with Kapil as no one knows his real name and keeps calling him by the characters he has portrayed on the big screen. Catch all the fun with this hilarious episode full of laughter and hilarious puns. Show Name: The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 Episode: 242 - 02 April 2022 Producers: Kapil Sharma, Salman Khan, Deepak Dhar #thekapilsharmashow #दीकपिलशर्माशो #comedy #thekapilsharmashowfullepisodes #SETIndia About The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 : Kapil Sharma is back with a new 'Salah Center' (Consultancy Business) in a Mohollah with absurd characters. The wealthy milkman Bachcha Yadav (Kiku Sharda) with his wife Titli Yadav (Bharti Singh) and sister-in-law Bhoori (Sumona Singh) is the one who has rented out houses within the Mohollah and is Kapil Sharma's business partner. The neighbors in the Mohollah are also full of quirks and don't shy away from the antics. With celebrities gracing every episode, The Kapil Sharma Show promises fun-filled entertaining weekends. NEW RELEASE |The Kapil Sharma Show S2 | Endless Laughter With 90's Villain |Ep242 | FE | 2 Apr 2022

10 Horror Movie Villain Twists We All Saw Coming


You don't need a spoiler warning for these "twists"!

Louis Villain - Fuego


Zamów preorder Maestro ⚠️ 🤍 ⚠️ Posłuchaj "Fuego" w cyfrze 🤍 Booking / management: przemek🤍 / tel. 792 240 486 Louis Villain na IG: 🤍 Director: Piotr Zajączkowski DOP: Aleksy Kubiak 1st AC: Mikołaj Jakubiec Drone: Krzysztof Szlęzak Edit: Grzegorz Skonecki Color Grading: Szymon Ronowicz Photographer: Krzysztof Szlęzak Executive Producer: Piotr Zajączkowski Cast: Sylwia Sokołowska Special thanks: Jacek Olczak, Zoe, Wojtek, Juliusz Bogdański, Karolina Dobkowska Title: Fuego Artist: Louis Villain Producer: Louis Villain Produkcja wokali, sound fx - Haze3154 🤍 Mix, mastering - Mixedbytrzy 🤍 Executive producer: AIO Agencja Bądź na bieżąco i śledź social media Avi & Louis Villain: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 © 2022 Moya Label

Pro Acting Coach Breaks Down 12 Batman Villain Performances | Good & Bad Acting


Batman has arguably the best rogues' gallery of any comic-book universe. Hollywood has had its fair share of hits and misses in translating his arch-rivals to the screen. In this episode of "Good & Bad Acting," LA acting coach Anthony Gilardi reacts to 12 of the most iconic live-action Batman villains, reviewing the highs and lows of the actors' performances. From Adam West's campy 1960s TV series to Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy, the timeless appeal of the Batman universe has always been tied in with a colorful array of madmen and criminals. These include one of the most famous villains in comic-book history, the Joker, along with a stacked lineup of equally memorable adversaries, like Catwoman and the Penguin. So, how does an actor put their own spin on a supervillain as beloved as these — and in a pantheon that includes the likes of Jack Nicholson, Eartha Kitt, and Heath Ledger? Gilardi breaks that down for us as he watches and critiques four Jokers, two Catwomen, a Riddler, a Penguin, a Scarecrow, and more. When it comes to building a villain's mythos, many actors make use of what Gilardi calls "shtick" — a character's unique set of mannerisms and quirks, which add another unsettling layer to their presence in any scene. Gilardi looks at how different actors developed their signature Batman villain tics, from Heath Ledger's lip-smacking to Eartha Kitt's Catwoman purr. He breaks down how Kitt used her famous voice and eyes to play up Catwoman's feline nature in the "Batman" TV show; how Tom Hardy nailed the Bane voice in "The Dark Knight Rises"; and how Margot Robbie gave Harley Quinn a singsong cadence in "Suicide Squad." Gilardo also evaluates cases where actors were less successful with their shtick, from Uma Thurman's take on Poison Ivy in the much maligned "Batman & Robin" to Jared Leto's panned turn as the Joker in 2016's "Suicide Squad." But the best villains are much more than a bundle of creepy affectations and maniacal laughter; they're well-rounded characters, portrayed with complexity and moral ambiguity on screen. Gilardi explains how an actor like Jack Nicholson or Joaquin Phoenix channels their character's backstory into their actions and mannerisms — and how some of the more divisive performances, like Jim Carrey's Riddler or Danny DeVito's Penguin, tend to fall short in this dimension. Beyond character history, Gilardi looks at how actors establish complex motivation for their villain and convey what makes their characters tick. In "Batman Begins," for example, he examines how Cillian Murphy developed a specific set of behavioral triggers for Dr. Jonathan Crane, the mad scientist known to his victims as the Scarecrow. And in "The Dark Knight," he analyzes how Heath Ledger expressed the nihilism of the Joker through all the minutiae of his performance. Everything, from Ledger's gait, posture, and vocal inflection to the way he slaps on his Joker makeup, expresses the forces of chaos that drive the Clown Prince of Crime. Gilardi emphasizes the importance of locating the humanity in each of Batman's famous foes, no matter how depraved their actions may be. As a case study, Gilardi evaluates Jack Nicholson's legendary turn as the Joker in 1989's "Batman" — a performance that captures what Gilardi calls "liberated madness," which ultimately serves to humanize the Caped Crusader's main nemesis. He also examines how Joaquin Phoenix's character study in the 2019 standalone film "Joker" adds a sympathetic side to the Clown Prince's origins. In particular, Gilardi breaks down the genius of the bathroom scene, an improvised dance that marks the beginning of Arthur Fleck's transformation into antihero. For more from Anthony Gilardi: 🤍 🤍 #Batman #Movies #Insider Insider is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It’s smart. It’s fearless. It’s fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: 🤍 Insider on Facebook: 🤍 Insider on Instagram: 🤍 Insider on Twitter: 🤍 Insider on Snapchat: 🤍 Insider on Amazon Prime: 🤍 Insider on TikTok: 🤍 Insider on Dailymotion: 🤍 Pro Acting Coach Breaks Down 12 Batman Villain Performances | Good & Bad Acting

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All Villain EPI 麻婆豆腐 in urdu 中国街头小吃 mirella build villa somoy 中国菜 Omen anaokulu 中国美食做法 pense 中国味道 Aprilia 中国の屋台の食べ物 Spain food 中国 mufc