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How to transfer files between Windows and Linux using WinSCP


WinSCP is an open-source, free Secure File Transfer Protocol (sftp) and File Transfer Protocol (ftp) client for Microsoft® Windows®. You can use WinSCP to securely transfer files between your local Microsoft Windows machine and a remote server. in this video video i am going to show you how to use it to transfer files between windows and linux. you can download winscp from here: 🤍 Email: mathinfodz.ask🤍 Facebook: 🤍

How to Use WinSCP FTP Client


We’ll walk through how to use WinSCP FTP client In this tutorial, taking you step-by-step. Discover how to use WinSCP today so you can enhance your workflow. Get more information on WinSCP ► 🤍 Ready to get started with FTP for your business? Try ExaVault Today ► 🤍 - Video Transcript: Today we're going over how to use WinSCP. WinSCP is a popular FTP client for Windows, so we'll be installing it on a Windows machine. We'll walk through installing the WinSCP client on your computer and the basics of transferring files with their interface. To get the WinSCP client go to the website at 🤍. Click the big green download now button. You'll then be taken to another page which will give you the correct download for your operating system. Proceed to download. I'm using the edge browser so I see a run and a save option. I'm going to go ahead and hit save. Once it's finished saving, go and hit run. Then you can minimize the browser. The installer will then ask if you want to allow to make changes to the device, we're going to go ahead and hit yes. You'll then see a license agreement accept to continue. Then select the type of installation that you want. Then two options on which interface you'd like to use. Then one more click to install. Once the setup is complete, go ahead and launch the client. You'll see a page come up with some post-installation help, go ahead and minimize this. Once the WinSCP client is on screen, you'll see a box with the options to fill in information about the host that you're trying to connect to along with your username and password. You should receive this information from your web host or your FTP service provider. We'll be using one of our ExaVault accounts today to connect. WinSCP supports both FTP and SFTP connections. Use the file protocol dropdown to select FTP, which will change the port number to 21. Once all fields are entered hit login. Now you're looking at the WinSCP file manager. You'll see your local directory in the left half of the window and the remote directory or the server on the right. The transfer queue is located across the bottom of the window. To upload, you can right-click on a file, use the upload icon or drag selected files from your local directory to the remote server. In our example, we'll drag a file from our desktop to the remote server. To download, you have the same options. Select files, right-click and choose download. Use the download icon or drag and drop files from the remote directory to your local computer. We'll select a file from the remote directory and drag it to our desktop. When you're all done transferring files, disconnect from the server. This is available from the session dropdown menu. Thanks for watching our video about WinSCP FTP client. Like share and subscribe if he found it useful. - Be sure to subscribe for more FTP tutorials. ► 🤍 STAY TUNED: Twitter ► 🤍 LinkedIn ► 🤍 Blog ► 🤍 ExaVault ► 🤍 Contact ► Support🤍

WinSCP FTP Client Overview


If you need a powerful (and free) FTP client that will support FTP, SFTP, SCP, WebDAV and Amazon S3 protocols, then you should try the WinSCP FTP software. It comes with many options including the ability to synchronize folders, apply filters, search, edit and so on. Here is the link to download the software. 🤍 Check out our books (Networking Made Easy and Windows Home Networking Made Easy) that are written to take your networking skills to the next level! 🤍 🤍 #winscp

WinSCP Tutorial


Video Time Codes (Click them to skip to that part of the video). Learn how to: 0:00 Introduction 0:20 Download WinSCP 0:34 Install WinSCP 1:50 Setup Connection to Remote Server 3:11 Question of the Day 3:26 Explaining the Interface 6:26 Closing Thoughts Question of the day: How do you use WinSCP? Do you connect to work, test labs, home networks or cloud providers? Let me know in the comments below. Download WinSCP: 🤍 Comment below solutions you want to see and problems you need fixed. Make sure to like and subscribe for more highly informative quality videos! This video is NOT sponsored.

WinSCP Tutorial - Connecting with FTP, FTPS, SFTP, uploading and downloading


In this WinSCP tutorial learn how to connect using FTP/FTPS/SFTP, upload and download files and folders. An intermediate guide to WinSCP. Download WinSCP: 🤍 More FTP Clients and Tutorials: 🤍 Experience why thousands of companies have signed up with Hosted~FTP~. The most secure FTP in the Cloud, AWS integrated, and no throttle on transfer speed. Sign up for a free 21 day trial: 🤍 Use our live chat to talk to a representative about your needs: 🤍 Or email us at support🤍 for your business inquiries.

SFTP - Windows Automate Script to Synchronize Uploading Files to Remote Directory using WinSCP


WinSCP Script - 🤍 WinSCP - Batch File - 🤍 WinSCP Download (download Portable) - 🤍 WinSCP Scripting Resource - 🤍 Demo of using WinSCP to script the automation of synchronizing Remote SFTP directory with a Local Directory by Uploading files, One Way Sync

What is WinSCP used for?


More About What Is Winscp • What is WinSCP used for?

How to Install WinSCP on Windows 10 [ 2021 Update ] Complete Guide


Hello Everyone! Today in this video I am going to step by step guide you How to install WinSCP on Windows 10. Windows (64-bit). ✻ I really hope you find this video useful. ♥ ✻ Please click on the CC button to read the subtitles of this video. What is WinSCP? WinSCP is a free and open-source SSH File Transfer Protocol, File Transfer Protocol, WebDAV, Amazon S3, and secure copy protocol client for Microsoft Windows. Its main function is secure file transfer between a local and a remote computer. Step 1. How to Download WinSCP? 🤍 This page will lead to the WinSCP download page. Find the installation file and click on it to download. Here is this video we showed how to download and install WinSCP in Windows 10. Now after downloading WinSCP save the file to the disk and follow the next step for installation. Step 2. Install WinSCP Double click to run the WinSCP download file. Just follow the prompt as shown in the video and install WinSCP in your OS. The instructions in this video tutorial can be applied to laptops, desktops, computers, and tablets which run the Windows 10 operating system like Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education. This tutorial will work on all hardware manufacturers, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Samsung. #WinSCP #WinSCPInstallation #WinSCPtutorialforbeginners #Windows10 Topics addressed in this tutorial: How To Download And Install WinSCP On Windows 10 64 bit OS Install WinSCP on Windows 10 How to Install WinSCP and Get Started - MY RELATED VIDEOS: ✻ All about Android Studio: 🤍 ✻ All about PostgreSQL: 🤍 ✻ All about MongoDB: 🤍 ✻ All about MySQL: 🤍 ✻ All about WordPress: 🤍 ✻ All about Java Spring: 🤍 ✻ All about Maven: 🤍 ✻ All about eBook: 🤍 - THANK YOU so much for watching! Please make sure to LIKE and SHARE the video and SUBSCRIBE to the channel for more such videos :) - CONNECT WITH ME ON: ✻ Website: 🤍 ✻ LinkedIn: 🤍 ✻ Twitter: 🤍 ✻ Email: geekyscript🤍 ✻ YouTube channel: 🤍 - Song: Jarico - Island Music promoted by #BackgroundMusicWithoutLimitations Watch: 🤍 Free Download: 🤍 -

How to transfer files using WinSCP


In this tutorial, we take a look at various ways of transferring files between your local machine and your remote hosting account using WinSCP.

What is WinSCP tool?


Hyper • What is WinSCP tool? Our purpose is the importance of education in our society. This video was created under this goal. We would like to give you complete information on the subject, so unfortunately we can also discuss elements that may be hurtful to people.

What is difference between PuTTY and WinSCP?


More About What Is Winscp • What is difference between PuTTY and WinSCP?

WinSCP — что это и как использовать


WinSCP — программа для подключения к linux-машине. Выглядит как Total Commander, очень удобна, если нам надо что-то перекинуть на машину или забрать оттуда. Видео «бери и делай, повторяя за тренером» — я захожу на тестовую площадку, находящуюся в открытом доступе. Так что можете повторить все то же самое! Ссылки по видео: 1. Данные для входа на тестовую площадку — 🤍 2. Все то же самое в виде статьи — 🤍 3. Курс по логам, где это пригодится — 🤍

How to Set Up WinSCP


A demonstration of how to configure WinSCP FTP client for use with a remote web server.

SFTP Windows Script to Automate Synchronize Remote to Local Directory using WinSCP


We Cover ...... 1. Download WinSCP 2. Set Environment 3. Integrate your Linux login Id, Password in WinSCP for connection 4. Write a batch file 5. Run Script

Como utilizar WinSCP - Windows 10


Aprende a utilizar WinSCP en Windows 10. Mas detalles aquí: 🤍

Windows 10 Tutorial [DE] WinSCP installieren und mit einem Linux Server verbinden


In diesem Video zeige ich euch, wie ihr WinSCP auf eurem Windows 10 Rechner installieren könnt und wie ihr euch mithilfe von WinSCP und Putty mit eurem Server verbinden könnt. Links aus dem Video: V-Server bei ZapHosting: 🤍?zap_vserver WinsSCP-Download: 🤍?winscp Hier könnt ihr mir auf Socialmedia folgen: Twitch: 🤍?mz_twitch Twitter: 🤍?mz_twitter Instagram: 🤍?mz_insta TikTok: 🤍?mz_tiktok Steam: 🤍?mz_steam GitHub: 🤍?mz_github Affiliate-Links: Euch entstehen keine Kosten oder Nachteile. Kauf über diesen Link erwirtschaftet eine kleine prozentuale Provision für mich.

WinSCP : Installation & Utilisation


WinSCP : Installation & Utilisation pour se connecter a son Espace FTP Téléchargement : 🤍 👉 🤍 / 🤍 🎥 Enregistrement : Nvidia ShadowPlay 🎤 Micro : Sennheiser 🎬 Éditeur Vidéo : ShotCut ✔️ Intro YouTube : 🎵 Musique proposée par La Musique Libre - Musique proposée par La Musique Libre Fredji - Happy Life : 🤍 Fredji : 🤍 -

WinSCP Tutorial | Installation and basics


Want to upload or download files from your server, WinSCP is a free open source SFTP client. In this video, you will learn how to install WinSCP. And what the basic tools are such as uploading and downloading from the server. 👉 WinSCP Download page: 🤍 #winscp #linux #server

Comment vous connecter à votre SFTP avec WinSCP ?


Vous souhaitez savoir comment maitriser les accès SFTP de votre serveur minecraft avec WinSCP ? Voilà un guide pour vous ! Tutoriel écrit : 🤍 Site officiel: 🤍 Serveur minecraft gratuit à vie : 🤍 Essayez nos services: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Обзор Winscp. Как пользоваться и настраивать программу.


Как настраивать WInSCP. Как пользоваться WinSCP. Статья на блоге: 🤍 Ссылка на официальный сайт WinSCP: 🤍

how to use putty & winscp ? what is putty & winscp ?


#putty #winscp #puttysetup #winscpsetup #opengyanhouse This video is about putty & winscp tools. If you are new to linux so should know about these applications. This video will help you to understand the use of these applications. Please go through to the below link for download the applications. For Putty - 🤍 For WinScp - 🤍 Once you have downloaded these application, Installation is very easy. Putty is a SSH tool which is very useful to login into the linux machine, make sure firewall is allowing the ssh connection and sshd service is running at linux machine. WinScp is use for copy files/binary to the linux machine. Winscp usages the ssh secure channel for copying the data. Please follow video instruction for more details. = what is winscp ? how to use winscp ? winscp ? putty ? what is putty ? how to use putty ? ssh putty tool ssh tool in linux how to copy files using winscp how to use winscp how to copy binary file using winscp how to setup putty in window how to setup winscp in window how to use putty how to use ssh how to copy file in winscp setup putty setup winscp

How to WinSCP File Transfer: The Ultimate Guide


In this video, we are going to take a look at what Winscp is and how you can use it to transfer files. Winscp is an open-source program that can be used to transfer files over a network in a secure manner. We will go over the basics of the application and how you can use it to send files from one computer to another.

WinSCP & PuTTY – instalacja, pierwsze kroki


#WinSCP #PuTTY #instalacja WinSCP & PuTTY – instalacja, pierwsze kroki Strona www Tutoriale 🤍 WSPARCIE KANAŁU - DONATE; SMS+ SMS: DotPay 🤍 🤍 🤍

SSH to Linux using WinSCP Tool


Transfer files from Windows to Linux using WinSCP tool available for Windows. Works with any distro / flavor of Linux - Ubutu, CentOS,RedHat, etc Simple and easy interface. Login using Hostname, SSH Port, Username, Password. WinSCP can be used for SCP, SFTP or FTP. Download WinSCP : 🤍

SFTP - Windows Script to Automate Synchronize Remote to Local Directory using WinSCP


WinSCP Script - 🤍 WinSCP - Batch File - 🤍 WinSCP Download (download Portable) - 🤍 WinSCP Scripting Resource - 🤍 Demo of using WinSCP to script the automation of synchronizing Remote SFTP directory with a Local Directory

Key Authentication for PuTTY and WinSCP


In this video, we show how to do key authentication for PuTTY and WinSCP SSH keys are a more secure method of authentication than using a username and password and edb25519 is a more modern and less intensive algorithm then RSA We show how to create public and private edb25519 keys using puttygen and how to authorize SSH keys to login to a Linux server running Ubuntu server 20.04 for example We show how to configure PuTTY to use a private SSH key for authentication and how to disable password authentication on an Ubuntu server to enforce SSH key authentication We also show how to import a private key made with OpenSSH and convert it to a PPK file using pttgen so that PuTTY can use it This way you can use the same key on either operating system We also show how to configure WinSCP to use a private SSH key for authentication Useful links: 🤍 🤍 = SUPPORT THE CHANNEL Donate through Paypal: 🤍 Donate through Buy Me A Coffee: 🤍 Become a monthly contributor on Patreon: 🤍 Become a monthly contributor on YouTube: 🤍 MEDIA LINKS: Website - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Linkedin - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Credits: LoveLife | Instrumental Prod. Blue Mango | EQMUSEQ.COM by Don Da Vinci 🤍 00:00 Intro 00:27 Download and Install Putty 03:04 Create SSH Key 08:03 Upload Public Key 12:10 Putty SSH Keys 19:34 Disable Password Authentication 24:00 Import OpenSSH Key 29:03 WinSCP SSH Keys winscp ssh private key,putty ssh private key,ssh key putty,ssh key winscp,putty ssh key,winscp ssh key,windows generate ssh keys,windows ssh key authentication,winscp,scp,sftp,ssh,public key,private key,putty,puttygen,wincsp,keys,generate keys,ed25519,create windows ssh key,windows ssh keys, key authentication for putty and winscp

檔案上傳與下載(WinSCP中文版的使用教學) index


檔案上傳與下載(WinSCP中文版的使用教學) WinSCP在我的主機下載網址: 🤍 WinSCP是支援SFTP(SSH-1、SSH-2)、SCP通訊協定的免費FTP用戶端,是開放原始碼的自由軟體。(阿榮)(下載) WinSCP特色: * 圖形使用者介面 * 多國語言介面(正體中文已由 Makr Lin 和 Hong-Yi Chen 100% 翻譯完成,歡迎享用囉!) * Windows整合 (拖放檔案、通訊協定登記、捷徑) * 所有普通的檔案操作功能 * 支援 SSH-1 和 SSH-2 上的SFTP 與 SCP 通訊協定 * 批次指令檔的scripting 與命令列介面 * 用許多不同的方式同步目錄 * 內建文字編輯器 * 支援 SSH 密碼、鍵盤互動、公開金鑰與 Kerberos (GSS) 認證方式 * 內建 Pageant (PuTTY Agent) 完整支援公開金鑰認證法 * 檔案總管管理介面與諾頓指揮官管理介面兩種操作介面. * 可選擇儲存期間資料 * 可選擇支援獨立運作將登錄資料存在一設定檔上,適合在隨身媒體上使用 -



● Software ● Usage 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ● Site web 🤍



Transferir archivos entre equipos o servidores usando WINSCP, que utiliza el protocolo FTP(file transfer protocol) para lograr el objetivo, pueden descargarlo desde internet ya que no es de paga. Realice una pagina para que pueden leer en menos de 1 min como funciona y deje alli el enlace para descargarlo: 🤍 Contacto gmail: yersin78421723🤍 instagram : 🤍

Работа по SSH с помощью графического клиента WinSCP


Продолжая тему работы с сайтом по SSH сегодня мы коснемся вопросов работы по SSH с помощью графических клиентов на примере WinSCP. В предыдущем видео мы говорили о работе из под командной строки, и для тех, кто не хочет погружаться в волшебный мир программирования, WinSCP станет отличной альтернативой работе с командной строкой. SSH (Secure Shell) — это туннель, который обеспечивает безопасную передачу данных между клиентом и сервером. Данные при передаче шифруются, что значительно снижает риск их перехвата и потери. Именно поэтому SSH предпочтительнее незащищенного протокола FTP, а настроить доступ по SSH не многим сложнее, чем по FTP. Как подключиться к сайту по SSH: 🤍 Видео на Теплице - это уроки на русском по всем программам, которые могут вам пригодиться. Ссылка на чат Теплицы в Телеграм: 🤍 Теплица социальных технологий: 🤍 Теплица социальных технологий в facebook: 🤍 Теплица социальных технологий в Instagram: 🤍 Теплица социальных технологий в vk: 🤍

SFTP - Use WinSCP to Login to SFTP without Password using Public Key Private Key Pair


WinSCP Download - 🤍 Demo how to import an OpenSSH formatted Private and Public Key Pair into WinSCP for use with SSH and SFTP

WinScp installation de site web


BTS NDRC, Utilisation de WinScp, transfert FTP et installation de site web

openwrt-lede putty winScp برامج مهمة


winScp: 🤍 Putty: 🤍

How To Download And Install WinSCP - How To Transfer Files Using SFTP In WinSCP


How To Download And Install WinSCP - How To Transfer Files Using SFTP In WinSCP In this video I will show you how to download and install the WinSCP client in windows 10. I will also show you how to connect to your remote server using SFTP file transfer protocol and transfer files from your local device to your remote server. WinSCP 🤍 Need A Cheap Server Host? $100 Free Vultr Promotional Credit when you use this Referral Link 🤍 What is WinSCP? WinSCP is a popular SFTP and FTP client for Microsoft Windows! The WinSCP client allows the user to copy files between local computers and remote servers using FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, WebDAV or S3 file transfer protocols. Steps To Download And Install WinSCP 1. Open up your browser and navigate to 🤍 2. You will then be taken to WinSCP's official site. To download WinSCP, left click on the green "DOWNLOAD NOW" button 3."You will then be taken to the WinSCP latest release download page. Left click on the green "DOWNLOAD WinSCP Latest Version" button to start your WinSCP client installer download. 4. Windows will then prompt you to pick a save location, file name and save as type for the WinSCP setup download. Once done, WinSCP will begin downloading to the location you have chosen 5. Once the download has finished, locate the WinSCP setup application and run it by double clicking on it. 6. Go through the installer setup and customize the installation to your liking. In this video I went with the setup type of "typical" and the user settings of "commander" as the interface style. 7. Once you have chosen the interface style, your WinSCP client is now ready for install. Left click on install to begin the installation process. 8. During the installation, if you have another SSH client installed on your computer such as PuTTY with stored sessions, WinSCP will prompt you during the installation, if you want to import these stored sessions to your WinSCP client. 9. Once WinSCP has finished installing you will be greeted with the completion page of the WinSCP Setup Wizard. 10. Left click on finished to close the installer. 11. Locate the WinSCP shortcut on your desktop and double click on it to run WinSCP. You should now be greeted with the WinSCP login page Steps To Transfer Files Using SFTP In WinSCP Note: You need a Remote Server/VPS to transfer files using SFTP in WinSCP. If you don't have a server currently, I recommend Vultr servers. $100 Free Vultr Promotional Credit when you use this Referral Link 🤍 1. Once you have installed WinSCP and have it open you are now ready to connect to your server via SFTP. On the login page, ensure the file protocol is "sftp" 2. Enter the IP Address/Host Name of your server into the host name box. 3. Maintain the default port as port 22 4. Enter the username of your remote server and the password 5. Once you have entered all the login details of your server, left click on login. 6. If it's the first time logging into your server you will be greeted with a warning message from WinSCP asking you if you want to continue to an unknown server and add it's host key to a cache. Left click on "Yes", and you will now be logged into your server. 7. To transfer file(s) from your local computer to your remote server (VPS) using WinSCP via SFTP file transfer protocol, you must first locate the file you want to transfer on the left hand side of the WinSCP Commander interface. 8. Once done, simply left click, drag and drop the file(s) into the right hand side which is your remote server's file directory. You also can right click copy and right click paste to transfer files also. 9. WinSCP will prompt you if you would like to upload the file(s) to your remote directory, simply left click on "ok" to begin the transfer process via SFTP. 10. Once the transfer process has completed, the file(s) transferred will now appear on the right hand side of the WinSCP commander interface. You can also transfer files from your remote server to your local computer via SFTP should you wish to do so. Timestamps: Intro & Context 0:00 Download And Install WinSCP In Windows 10 0:09 Connect To Your Remote Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) Using WinSCP 6:05 Transfer Files Between VPS And Local Computer Using WinSCP Via SFTP 8:31 Closing & Outro 10:35 Grow your YouTube Channel with vidIQ 🤍?afmc=70s Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorials - Apps & Quality of Life Guides (Playlist) 🤍 Social Media SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel 🤍 Instagram (Thumbnail Collection) 🤍 Twitter (For Newest uploads) 🤍 Reddit (Discussions) 🤍 Personal Website 🤍 #WinSCP #Windows10 #SFTP DONT FORGET TO LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!

WinSCP Tutorial


In diesem WinSCP Tutorial zeige ich ganz kurz, wie man WinSCP installiert, konfiguriert und schließlich auch verwendet.

How to use Putty, WinSCP and Why they are useful?


Helo Guys, The terms like "Putty, WinSCP ssh, scp" are pretty normal for IT developers in their everyday life. So , it become really important to learn them and why they are useful. In this video, I have tried to explain all the above concept with real world examples. If you have doubt, please let me know in comment section. I will try to resolve. Regards, Nikhilesh #linux #putty #ssh #scp #winscp #centos

Part 15 - Unix/Linux for Testers | vi Editor | Putty & WinSCP


Topics : - 1) vi Editor 2) Putty & WinSCP #unix #linux #viEditor #Putty&WinSCP - Udemy Courses: - Manual Testing+Agile with Jira Tool 🤍 Selenium with Java+Cucumber 🤍 Selenium with Python & PyTest 🤍 Selenium with python using Robot framework 🤍 API Testing(Postman, RestAssured & SoapUI) 🤍 Web Automation using Cypress with Javascript 🤍 Jmeter-Performance Testing 🤍 SDET Essencials(Full Stack QA) 🤍 Appium-Mobile Automation Testing 🤍 Java Collections 🤍 Java Programming 🤍 Cucumber BDD Framework 🤍 Protractor with Javascript 🤍

How to install and use WinSCP on Ubuntu 22.04


In this video we are going to look at How to install and use Win SCP on Ubuntu 22.04. Win SCP is a popular FTP client that is only available for Windows operating systems, however, in this video i will show you how to install it on Ubuntu. Some of the commands used: 1. sudo dpkg add-architecture i386 2. sudo wget -nc -O /usr/share/keyrings/winehq-archive.key 🤍 3. sudo wget -nc -P /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ 🤍 4. sudo apt install install-recommends winehq-devel

How to Transfer Files using WinSCP (And PowerShell/SFTP)


Learn how to transfer files securely with WinSCP and with SFTP and PowerShell in this step-by-step tutorial. Want another take or more detail on this video? Check out the associated written guide! 🤍

How To Use WinSCP FTP client - Connect to FTP, FTPS and SFTP servers


FTP is widely used in transferring large amount of data over the Internet. WinSCP is a very popular free FTP client. It supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP and WebDAV protocols. In this video, we will talk about how to use WinSCP to connect to an FTP server. First, you must have the FTP server name or IP address, and an account. If you don't have an FTP server, you can easily sign up for a free trial on 🤍. DriveHQ is one of the largest FTP hosting service providers, offering DriveHQ FTP for businesses and CameraFTP for security cameras. Now launch WinSCP, click New Session, it will display a Login window. Enter the FTP Host name, Username and password. The default protocol is SFTP and the default port is 22. If you use DriveHQ's FTP hosting service, the SFTP host is If you need to connect to this session regularly, you can click Save to save it as a Site. Now click Login, it will log in to the SFTP server and display the remote storage in the right-hand side. You can easily drag and drop files/folders between the Local and Remote Panes. To connect to an FTP server with the plain FTP protocol without encryption, you can click New Session or New Site, then select the "FTP" protocol and "No Encryption". Enter the FTP host name, username and password, then click Save to save the site. Click Login, it will log in to the FTP server using the plain FTP protocol. The plain FTP protocol is not secure. It should only be used in a few limited cases. FTPS, that is, FTP over TLS, is very secure. There are two slightly different encryption types: FTP over TLS Implicit and FTP over TLS Explicit. The Explicit FTPS uses the regular FTP port 21. The FTP client will send the StartTLS command to start TLS encryption. The Implicit FTPS uses port 990. It uses TLS encryption from the beginning. In most cases, there is little difference. In some rare cases, if the FTP port 21 is blocked by your firewall or your ISP, the Implicit FTPS might still work as it uses Port 990. To connect to an FTP server with implicit TLS encryption, enter the FTP hostname, username and password, then select the "FTP" protocol and select TLS Implicit Encryption, click Save to save the site, then click Login, it will log in to the FTP server. Not all FTP servers support both Implicit and Explicit TLS encryption. If Implicit TLS encryption does not work, you can try Explicit TLS encryption. The steps are the same. SFTP supports login with a key file. It is usually considered more secure than a password. To log in with a key file, you need to have an SSH key pair, which includes a public key and a private key. The public key can be distributed to anybody, the private key must be private to yourself. If you don't have a key pair, you can use DriveHQ's built-in feature to generate it and download the private key file. The public key is automatically saved in the SFTP server. You can also use PuttyGen or SSH-keygen to generate it. You need to keep the private key file and save the Public Key to the SFTP server. To login to SFTP server with a key file, click New Session, select the "SFTP" protocol, enter the SFTP host name, username and password, then click Advanced. In the Advanced Site Settings window, click SSH Authentication. then click the Browse button to select the Private Key file you downloaded. WinSCP needs to convert the private key file. After the conversion, select the converted private key file and click OK. You can then click Save to save the site, and click Login to connect to the SFTP server with the key file. If you use CameraFTP's Cloud recording service, you can also use WinSCP to download the recorded footage. You just need to use the FTP server name and log in with your CameraFTP username and password. Not All FTP servers support all FTP protocols. Microsoft Windows servers often do not support SFTP; some Linux servers may only support SFTP. In those cases, you can try both FTPS and SFTP. Visit: 🤍 🤍 🤍

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