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The sound of DW Collector’s Series® Maple/Spruce


Adele’s Derrick Wright plays his personal Maple/Spruce kit that’s alive with rich, warm tone, punch, and projection, all courtesy of a hybrid Maple/Spruce shell configuration. Also available in Cherry/Spruce and Mahogany/Spruce! 🤍 MSSH

Pudge Tribbett - Straight Up DW Drums


Pudge Tribbett recently joined us at the DW factory to play along to a track he arranged from a loop produced 🤍 🤍 Subscribe to our youtube channel to see your favorite DW Artists direct from the DW factory. 🤍

DW Design vs. DW Performance vs. DW Collector's - Best Bang For Your Buck?


We compare 3 🤍dw drums Series head to head! Buy them here: Drum Sets in This Video: DW Design 5pc Drum Set w/22bd - Steel Gray Available for purchase here: 🤍 DW Performance 5pc Drum Set Gun Metal Metallic Lacquer Available for purchase here: 🤍 DW Collectors Maple VLT 333 5pc Drum Set Candy Black Burst Exotic over Monkey Pod w/Black Nickel Hw Available for purchase here: 🤍 Cymbals: Sabian HHX 21 Groove Ride Available for purchase here: 🤍 Sabian AAX 20 Thin Crash Available for purchase here: 🤍 Sabian AAX 18 Thin Crash Available for purchase here: 🤍 Sabian AAX 15” Medium Hi-Hats Available for purchase here: 🤍 🤍 Follow us on: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #dwdrumscomparison #dwperformance #dwcollectors #dwdesign #dwdrums #drumcenternh

Roland Just Bought DW: Here's Why (edrum news)


DW, PDP, LP, Gretsch*, and Slingerland have just been purchased by Roland. Here's way: Links to documents shown: 🤍 🤍 🤍 *From what I am told, the family still owns the Gretsch name, but DW/Roland have the rights to develop, produce, market, and distribute Gretsch Drums in the USA. Hal Leonard owns the rights for the imported Gretsch drums (Renown, Catalina, Energy). 👉 Follow 65 Drums On Facebook/Instagram/Discord: 🤍 🔥Patreon: 🤍patreon.com/65drums 📻My YT Channel About History: 🤍 Great Electronic Drums For Every Price Range (Amazon Links That Support The Channel) $380 🤍 $500 🤍 $700 🤍 $1000 🤍 $1300 🤍 $1900 🤍 $2500 🤍 $3000 (Live Use) 🤍 $4900 🤍 $8000 🤍 ✅Great Edrum Accessories (Amazon links that support the channel) ✅Electronic Cymbal Cleaner: 🤍 ✅ 10ft Electronic Drum Cables: 🤍 ✅High Quality Headphone Extension Cable: 🤍 ✅My Drumsticks 🤍

Chris Turner - Straight Up DW Drums


Oceans Ate Alaska’s Chris Turner, Straight Up and direct from a recent performance in the DW Custom Shop. No interviews, no product speak, just Straight Up playing. Stay tuned for more! Song is "Entrapment" by Oceans Ate Alaska Audio mixed by Nick Sampson 🤍nickrophagist Kit is Pure Birch 🤍

This Drum Set SHOULD Sound This Good - $4,000 DW Collectors Maple Drum Set


The time has come! I'm finally checking out a DW drum set! A Collectors Maple to be exact. This is by far the most expensive drum kit I've had in my possession and probably the most expensive I've played on tbh… I was not expecting that $400 budget/beginner Amazon drum set to sound as good as it did. So of course the next step was to check out a $4,000 drum set! See my first impressions of this DW kit and my thoughts on it as I unbox this bad boy and play it for the first time! Check out all the gear used in this video on Sweetwater! (affiliate links) -DW Collectors Drum Sets: 🤍 -Earthworks Microphones: 🤍 -Zildjian FX Small Bell Raw Crash: 🤍 -16” Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Crash (HH Bottom): 🤍 -16” Zildjian K Con 16” Crash (HH Top): 🤍 -20” Zildjian K Cluster Crash: 🤍 -21” Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Ride: 🤍 Follow on IG: -🤍 This Drum Set SHOULD Sound This Good - $4,000 DW Collectors Maple Drum Set

DW Factory Tour 2021


Fresh from Drum Day LA, session great Russ Kunkel and John Good give you a tour of the DW Drum factory including the people, techniques, materials and technology that make it all possible. There’s also a very special drum set featured at the end. For more info visit 🤍

Is This REALLY How DW Wants You to Tune Their Drum Kits??


Drums only version: 🤍 Follow on IG: 🤍 Support on Patreon: 🤍 Gear Used in this Video (Affilate Links): Kit & Snare: DW Collectors Maple Drum Set: 🤍 DW Collectors Maple Snare Drum: 🤍 TuneBot: 🤍 Mics: -Earthworks DK7 Kit: 🤍 Lewitt DTP 640 REX Bass Drum Mic 🤍 Cymbals: 20” K Cluster Crash: 🤍 21" Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Ride: 🤍 Sticks: Vic Firth Freestyle 5b: 🤍 Hardware: Roc n’ Soc Drum Throne: 🤍 Tama Road Pro/ Iron Cobra Hardware: 🤍 Heads: Remo Emperor Clears: 🤍 Remo Ambassador Clears: 🤍 Remo CS Coated: 🤍 Music used (background & playalongs): 🤍 One comment I got a TON of in the video about this DW Collectors video was about the pitches of the shells. Most people said that it's pointless to even include the pitches and no one ever tunes to the pitches of the shell. Also, the pitch of the shell totally changes once all the hardware is installed, due to all the added mass. So I wanted to see first, if my tuning was anywhere close to the pitch of the shell, then see if tuning to the pitch of the shell sounded any better. This kit is 10"x8" (C), 12"x9" (F), 16"x14" (C#), 22"x18" (G#), and 14"x6.5" (A). Which actually make a decent sounding chord (C# maj7 with an added #5). The way I tuned sounded completely different! and surprisingly was just a bunch of octave Ds and a few other notes, making an augmented triad. Does one sound better than the other? Ill let you be the judge! This is not meant to be a "how to tune your drums tutorial." Just having some fun! Is This REALLY How DW Wants You to Tune Their Drum Kits??

Roland Buys DW Drums | What It Means for eDrums


Roland has just bought DW Drums - what does this mean for eDrummers and the electronic drum industry? Slide Show (thanks to Justin from 65 Drums) - 🤍 ► New kits for your Roland TD-50X - 🤍 ► New kits for your Roland TD-50 - 🤍 ► New kits for your Roland TD-27 - 🤍 ► New kits for your Roland TD-17 - 🤍 ► New kits for your Pearl Mimic Pro - 🤍 Make your snares POP with The eDW Snare eLements Sample Pack - 🤍 Compatible with ► dbdrums nPad, G4M DD90 Digipad and HXW PD-705 ► Roland SPD-S, SPD-SX, TM-6 Pro, TM-2, TD-50, TD-27, TD-17 ► Alesis Strike Multipad, Strike Module ► Yamaha DTX Multi 12 ► Pearl Mimic Pro Great electronic drum related products* - ► ESR Bike Phone Holder (mount phone to drum rack!) Amazon US - 🤍 Amazon UK - 🤍 Amazon CA - 🤍 ► Sandisk Cruzer Fit 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Amazon US - 🤍 Amazon UK - 🤍 Amazon CA - 🤍 ► Samsung EVO 32GB Micro SD Card with SD adapter Amazon US - 🤍 Amazon UK - 🤍 Amazon CA - 🤍 ► KZ ZS 10 Pro In Ear Monitor Amazon US - 🤍 Amazon UK - 🤍 Amazon CA - 🤍 ► 8 Core Cable Upgrade for KZ ZS 10 (optional upgrade) Amazon US - 🤍 Amazon UK - 🤍 Amazon CA - 🤍 ► New Bee Replacement Foam Ear Tips for KZ ZS10 Pro Amazon US - 🤍 Amazon CA - 🤍 ► INAIRS AIR2 Replacement Foam Ear Tips for KZ ZS10 Pro Amazon UK - 🤍 ► Gibraltar GEMC Clamp (mount laptop, multipad, mixer etc) Amazon US - 🤍 Amazon UK - 🤍 Amazon CA - 🤍 ► Evans EQPB2 Nylon Patch (choice of double or single pedal version) Amazon US - 🤍 Amazon UK - 🤍 Amazon CA - 🤍 ► Gibraltar SC-EMMP module mount plate Amazon US - 🤍 Amazon UK - 🤍 Amazon CA - 🤍 *These links are affiliate links - they help support the channel by giving me commission on sales, at no extra cost to you! Want to learn how to improve eDrum sounds and get the best out of your electronic drums? ► Using eDrums Live Playlist - 🤍 ► Sound Design Playlist - 🤍 ► First Impressions/Products Playlist - 🤍 ► Other eDrum Discussions Playlist - 🤍

How DW Drums Started | The Story Of DW Drums


Just How did DW drums get started? What is the origins of DW drums and why is the DW drums company known as the drummers choice? Well, DW Drums, A.K.A Drum Workshop Drums is a name you will probably see everywhere, just take a look at your favourite artist, yea, their drummer is probably playing a DW kit. In the short span of a decade, DW has really pushed the envelope and become an icon in the drumming community! But just how did DW get so popular? How did DW drums start? What is the Origins of DW drums and what is the history of DW drums? Well stay tuned, in this behind the business episode, we will be taking a look at the story of DW Drums. - * Subscribe for more content just like this: https://🤍 *Socials: Facebook: https://🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍 Instagram: https://🤍 - #dwdrums #behindthebusiness​​​ 0:00 Introduction 1:14 DRUM WORKSHOP 1972, Santa Monica-California 1:30 OVERHEADS COST 1:55 RETAIL BUSINESS 3:32 TOM BECKMAN 4:42 DW5000 Double Bass Pedal 6:43 60 DRUM KITS

The Founder of DW Drums told me to do THIS


Testing 5 more drum hacks! IG: 🤍 Support on Patreon: 🤍 - Music used (background & playalongs): 🤍 - Free of Drumeo trial: 🤍 Dom Lombardi Floor Tom Leg Trick: 🤍 Simon Phillips Paint Can Bass Drum Trick: 🤍 🤍 Sounds Like A Drum Hoop Protector/Grip: 🤍 Drumeo/me Felt Pad on Beater: 🤍 Driven to Drum Heat Gun Dent Removal: 🤍 GEAR: - Stuff - Empty Paint Can: (theyre cheaper at hardware stores) 🤍 Furniture Felt Pads: (not the ones I used, but these look softer. Also, this is probably the best deal incase have like 50 beaters lol) 🤍 3m Safety Walk Roll: 🤍 Heat Gun: 🤍 Magic Erasers: 🤍 - Microphones/Headphones - Earthworks ICON Pro: 🤍 Pair of Slate ML-1 (as overheads): 🤍 Austrian Audio CC8 (as rooms): 🤍 Earthworks DM20 (toms): 🤍 Earthworks SR20LS (snare top): 🤍 Lewitt DTP 640 REX Bass Drum Mic 🤍 Shure SM57 (snare bottom): 🤍 Austrian Audio Hi-X60 Headphones: 🤍 - Drums / Cymbals- DW Collectors Maple: 🤍 Sabian 22" HHX Anthology Low Bell Ride: 🤍 Sabian AAX 18" Thin Crash: 🤍 - Hardware / Sticks - Tama Road Pro/ Iron Cobra Hardware: 🤍 Roc n’ Soc Drum Throne: 🤍 Vic Firth Freestyle 5b Drum Sticks: 🤍 Vic Firth VKB5 Beater: 🤍 Lowboy Lightweight wood beater: 🤍 Thats right, I'm Testing 5 More Drum Hacks! Sometimes they blow your mind and sometimes they kinda, sorta, barely work. Either way, these are some that I've been wanting to try out for awhile now. First is something DW told me to do to my drum set. Dom Lombardi, founder of DW Drums, shows us that flipping over your floor tom legs reduces the sustain of the drum. Kinda funny because DW's whole thing is about the tone/sustain of their shells. Anyways... another classic trick made famous by Simon Phillips is sticking a paint can in your kick drum to tighten up the sound. There was a very subtle difference with it in vs out, but it does tighten up the sound! Sounds Like A Drum is a great channel on YouTube that talks about all the nerdy stuff that drummers think about. They did an episode on some cheap and easy drum hacks and one that stuck with me was about a product used for making bass drum hoop protectors. Out of all the stuff I've tried for hoop protectors there solution is by far the easiest/cheapest/most effective way to add one to your drum! Man, I didn't realize how much bass drum stuff was in this episode. Oh well, on my visit to Drumeo we filmed a video about 25 drum hacks and one thing I talked about was adding a felt pad to a wooden beater to change its sound. I would suggest finding the softest one you can find since the one I used didn't make the craziest difference. Use the link at the top of the description and sign up for a free month of Drumeo and check out my series called "DIY Drum Experiments." I show that hack there and it worked better for whatever reason. Who cares tho, I doubt you made it this far reading lol. Last on the list is an age old hack about reviving a dented up drum head with a heat gun. Something I talked about in my first testing 5 drum hacks video. Oh the good ole days... DW Told Me To Do This To My Drum Set - Testing 5 More Drum Hacks



Click SUBSCRIBE for more drum content and FREE DRUM LESSONS! ►Instagram → 🤍 ►Twitter → 🤍 ►Facebook → 🤍 SKIP TO MOMENTS: 0:00 Introduction 1:10 Kairon's drums 1:31 Walking into the factory 2:05 History of DW Drums 3:29 Learn about wood grain 4:20 Molding a drum from scratch 8:03 How DW tunes their drums 14:19 DW true cast bell bronze snare 14:54 Playing DW Drums in the showroom THIS WEEK'S VLOG: Back in January 2020, my friend Kairon Haynes brought me on a tour of the DW Drums Factory in Oxnard, CA. It was incredible to learn all about how their drums are made from start to finish and see first hand the level of detail they put into each step. OTHER VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE: ○ Showing You My Complete Drum Set Up - 🤍 ○ Vulfpeck Dean Town Drum Cover - 🤍 ○ Drum Lesson Playlist - 🤍 ○ 10 Drummers You Need to Follow on Instagram - 🤍 ○ NAMM 2020 Vlog - 🤍 ○ Live Drum Loops Playalong - 🤍 COME SAY HI! Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Reddit: 🤍 Join my Patreon members team: 🤍 And make sure you subscribe to my channel! Share these drum videos with any friends and family that you think would enjoy them! First time here? Allow me to introduce myself 👋🏻 My name is Jon Foster and I'm a drummer and composer. I've toured internationally across Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia and written music for TV, film and commercials. Music in this video: Song: LAKEY INSPIRED - The Process » SoundCloud: 🤍 Song: Mulle - My New Me (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: 🤍 Song: Mulle - Deep Waters (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: 🤍 #DWDrums #howdrumsaremade Tags: How To Tune Drums - by DW's John Good, Tony Royster Jr. - DW Performance Series, Dave Grohl Plays DW Drums, Thomas Lang setting up his DW kit for a recording session, Thomas Pridgen plays DW Drums (100% GoPro), Tour of Thomas Lang's DW drum set January 2014, DW Factory Tour, how a DW Drum is made, It's a DW - Thomas Lang, Derek Roddy Plays DW Collector's Series Drums, Thomas Lang Drum Kit - DW Drums, Thomas Pridgen - DW Performance Series

DW Drum Shell Innovations Webinar with John Good & Thomas Lang


We here at DW are always searching for new and creative ways to offer drummers more sound possibilities from their drums. We know our ever-expanding and customizable menu can get a bit confusing, so John Good brought Thomas Lang into the studio to help explain the differences and technology behind our vast array of drum shell innovations. They compare 3 Collector's Seriers kits, a SSC Maple, Maple/Mahogany, and Cherry. For all things DW, visit: 🤍 To stay extra-connected with all our latest happenings, "Like" our Facebook Fan Page 🤍 and follow our Tweets too! 🤍

Thomas Lang Drum Kit - DW Drums


🤍 🤍 Salve musicoffili, oggi vi proponiamo un grande speciale su uno dei batteristi più richiesti al mondo, il tanto simpatico quanto bravo Thomas Lang, che abbiamo incontrato in occasione della data romana del tour con Paul Gilbert; come al solito vi offriamo un'approfondita intervista a cura di Francesco Sicheri, in cui Thomas ci racconta della sua vita, dei suoi progetti passati e futuri, ed in più, come già visto in passato per altri grandi batteristi (Marco Minneman, Gavin Harrison, Mike Portnoy) uno speciale tutto dedicato al suo setup di batteria. Lang è stato così gentile da offrirci una panoramica davvero completa del suo drum kit DW Drums e farcelo ascoltare in modo superbo, il tutto ovviamente portato al massimo dal suo grande playing. Buona visione! - Resta in contatto con MusicOff! 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

DW Design Series in Smoke Glass Drum Demo


More videos like this DW Design Series in Smoke Glass Drum Demo 👉 🤍 Shop DW Design Series Shell Packs in an exclusive Smoke Glass finish at Sweetwater 👉 🤍 If you‘re wondering what video gear we use, check it out 👉 🤍 In this demo, Nick D‘Virgilio does an in-depth rundown of DW‘s Design Series shell pack dressed in a beautiful Sweetwater-exclusive Smoke Glass finish. This fully stocked kit gets you well on your way toward crafting your ideal drum sound for stage or studio, with 5-, 6-, 7-, and even 8-piece shell packs to choose from, all made from striking acrylic that‘s sure to turn some heads. After you watch, check out Sweetwater.com today for all your music instrument and pro audio needs! 👉 🤍 0:00 – Intro 0:59 – DW Design Series Construction 2:16 – Toms with the Snare Wires Off 3:07 – Toms with the Snare Wires On 3:40 – 22x16” Kick Drum 5:38 – 6.5x14” Snare Drum 6:37 – All Drums with Snare Wires Off 7:20 – Drum Kit Configuration 8:05 – Hardware Overview 9:20 – Groovin’ on the DW Design Series 10:40 – Added Cymbals & Microphones 12:28 – Sweetwater Exclusive Smoke Glass Finish 12:52 – Thanks for Watching! #Sweetwater #DW

Mick Fleetwood's "The Cherry Picked"


Ever wonder what it would be like to develop your next Custom DW Drum Kit with John Good? This in-depth story takes you from start-to-finish as Mick and John discuss, develop, build, and play Mick's 2013 Fleetwood Mac touring kit. Mick said it best, "The Cherry is on top, and the Cherry has been picked." That's right, new for 2013, we have added a new shell type to the Collector's Series...ALL-CHERRY (HVLT Shell Construction), and "it does a thing." John explains how Cherry's unique nature and grain structures afford it a luscious warm sound with tons of bottom end, yet well-defined attack, and most of all...a very clearly defined note. Mick described it best as like "a loaf of bread" with a hard crispy crust on top and a soft warm body underneath. DRC1 To learn more about Cherry Drums: 🤍 For all things DW, visit: 🤍 To stay extra-connected with all our latest happenings, "Like" our Facebook Fan Page 🤍 and follow our Tweets too! 🤍

Christoph Schneider back on DW drums - Interview / Rammstein Stadium Tour 2019 (English Subtitles)


Für das neue Rammstein Album, erinnert sich Christoph Schneider an den Anfang seiner Schlagzeugkarriere im wiedervereinigten Deutschland. Nach dem Fall der Berliner Mauer, sah Christoph Schneider sich ein DW Kit, auf Empfehlung von Richard Z Kruspe, der später Leadgitarrist von Rammstein wurde. Dieses Kit wurde Christoph's treuester Begleiter in den 1990er Jahren und steht noch heute in Richard's Studio in Berlin... 2018 trafen Christoph Schneider und DW Drums erneut aufeinander und schlossen sich für eine der größten Stadiontouren der Welt zusammen. Außerdem gibt es einen Blogbeitrag über Christoph und DW auf dem GEWA Blog 👉 🤍 //For the new Rammstein album, Christoph Schneider remembered the start of his drumming career in newly reunited Germany. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Christoph Schneider had seen a DW kit - on the recommendation of Richard Z Kruspe, who later became Rammstein‘s lead guitarist. This kit became Christoph's most faithful companion at the beginning of the 1990's and is still on duty in Richard's studio in Berlin today... In 2018, Christoph Schneider and DW drums got together again and joined forces for one of the world's biggest stadium tours ever. Also read the blog entry about Christoph and DW on the GEWA drums Blog! 👉 🤍 #gewadrums #dwdrums #christophschneider

How To Tune Drums - by DW's John Good


John Good brings you into the DW Assembly Line to show you how he suggests tuning your drums, regardless of the brand. He tunes 3 different types of drums: Tom 🤍 0:40 Snare 🤍 5:14 Bass Drum 🤍 10:52 John says it best, but to summarize the key points: -Always do one head at a time -Before tightening the tension rods, push hard on the center of the head to "seat/center" the head. You'll hear it crackle, but don't worry, you're not damaging the head. Only breaking it in. -First use only your fingers to tighten the tension rods, tightening opposing rods so that the head seats flat and even. Similar to how you'd tighten lugs on a car wheel. Alternating in a criss-cross pattern. -Once all the rods are finger-tight, it's time to use a key. A couple turns on each, still following a criss-cross pattern, is all you should do per round. Each time you complete a full circle, it's good to listen to where you're at. -Now, each time you complete a round, is when you really do fine tuning. Lightly tap your finger about an inch from the edge of the drum on each rod and listen to hear which rods are higher or lower in pitch from the rest. This is the hardest part, because it takes a very critical ear (that most guitar players don't even have ;). You'll also find that if you come across a rod that is lower than the rest, the one directly across from it is probably also lower. It's good to think of them in pairs. -Continue making rounds with a couple turns on each rod, followed by a round of fine tuning until you feel the head is at the pitch you desire. -If you ever feel like you made a mistake or feel like it's just messed up, you can always completely loosen all the rods on that side and start over with the finger-tightening. Practice makes perfect! -Remember that tuning is very subjective; everybody has a different preference. Many people prefer to tune the bottom head slightly lower than the top so that the note bends down in pitch when you hit it. -Also, be sure to replace you bottom heads about once every four time you change the top. Many drummers assume that because they don't hit the bottom head, that they can last forever. But indeed they do take a sympathetic beating. For all things DW, visit 🤍 To stay up to date with the latest daily info, "Like" our Fan Page 🤍 🤍 and follow our Tweets too! 🤍

Eric Moore - New 🍒 Cherry/Mahogany DW drums and Paiste Cymbals


Just received my newest Drum Work shop custom kit in sizes 6x5.5 8x6 10x7 12x7 13x7 Rack toms 14x14 16x14 18x14 floor toms 14x20 14x22 14x24 kick drums 10x6 12x6 13x6 14x6 snare drums all drums are Cherry 🍒 Mahogany with Custom shop paint job by the great Louie custom painter at DW Drums . Cymbal are Masters Series Paiste 16,18,19, crashes 22 inch masters ride 22 inch Master China. Hi hats and stacks are some combinations I customized 14 inch hats .... stay tuned for more in-depth details of my newest kit and new cymbal sound.

DW DRUMS: Storia - Sonorità - Caratteristiche


Corso Accordatura ► ► ► 🤍 Vediamo tramite una breve storia, come DW sia diventato fra i marchi più richiesti degli ultimi anni. EQUIPAGGIAMENTO Batteria: Dw Performance 10x8 12x9 14x12 16x14 Emperor Trasparenti / originali DW (equivalenti Ambassador Clear) Rullante: DwEdge 14x6.5 🤍 C.S sabbiata MICROFONI: Toms: Audix D2 / D4 Toms Rullante: Shure Beta 56 Cassa: Shure Beta 52 Over Head: Audix ADX 51

Which DW Kick Drum Pedal is Right for You?


More videos like Which DW Kick Drum Pedal Is Right for You? 👉 🤍 Shop for the DW kick drum pedals used in this video at Sweetwater 👉 🤍 If you‘re wondering what video gear we use, check it out 👉 🤍 From the entry-level 2000 series to the road-ready 9000 series and some incredible direct drive pedals, there‘s a DW drum pedal with your name on it just waiting to be discovered! After you watch, check out Sweetwater.com today for all your music instrument and pro audio needs! 👉 🤍 0:00 – Intro 0:33 –Brief History of DW 1:27 – 2000 Series Pedal 2:07 – 3000 Series Pedal 2:56 – 6000 Series Pedal 3:27 – 5000 Series Pedal 5:18 – 9000 Series Pedal 6:46 – MDD & MCD Series Pedals 10:38 – Thanks for Watching! #Sweetwater #DW

DW Collector's Testdrive #6 The final comparison!


Young, successful, Polish drummer Wojtek Deregowski faces an exciting challenge. While looking for a new drum kit, he receives four different sets from DW Drums to try out. This is the story of his journey through DW COLLECTOR’S finest sounds... Wow, what a ride. Wojtek was digging really deep into the DW sound cosmos and gave us a whole load of insights on any kit we gave him to test drive. And some phenomenal drumming, by the way! Hard to remember the sound of the first set when you dreamily listen to the third one? In this video, we get a full and extensive comparison of all sets. Which one was your favourite? Stay tuned for Wojtek’s decision about HIS new dream set. - The kits: - DW Collector’s Maple / Mahogany (Lacquer Custom Finish) - DW Collector’s Pure Birch (Satin Oil Natural Finish) - DW Collector’s Jazz Series Mahogany / Gum (Hard Satin finish) - DW Collector’s Jazz Series Cherry / Gum (Satin Oil Natural finish) The sizes: 22 x 18 Bass Drum 10 x 08 Tom Tom 12 x 09 Tom Tom 16 x 14 Floor Tom 14 x 6.5 Snare Drum The drumheads: - Toms Batter: Remo Emperor Clear - Toms Resonant: DW heads clear, made by Remo - Bass Drum Batter: Remo PowerStroke 3 Clear - Bass Drum Resonant: DW heads, made by Remo - Snare Drum Batter: DW heads double A 2-ply coated, made by Remo - Snare Drum Resonant: DW heads snare bottom, made by Remo The mics: - Bass Drum: AKG D112 - Snare Drum Top: Shure SM57 - Snare Drum Bottom: AKG P4 - Toms: AKG D40 - Overheads: AKG C430 The Audio Interface: PreSonus SL 16.4.2 More information about the DW Drums and Remo® Drumheads: 🤍 More information about Wojtek: 🤍

DW Contemporary Classic Drums


Studio Legend Russ Kunkel demonstrates his brand new Contemporary Classic drumset. Engineered by his son and award-winning engineer, Nathaniel Kunkel, at famed Larrabee Studios in North Hollywood, California.

Glen Sobel - Straight Up DW Drums


Collector's Series Pure Almond is the perfect hardwood for Hard Rock. Glen Sobel proved that when he dropped by the California Custom Shop to check em out. Get out your lighters! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see your favorite DW Artists direct from the DW factory. 🤍 For all things DW visit 🤍

How Drums Are Made by DW | Home of Drums


Have you ever wanted to see how drum kits are made from start to finish? Here's how it's done. One of the world's leaders in drum manufacturing, DW Drums brings you the American dream in their high quality drum kits. For more information visit: 🤍 #homeofdrums #dwdrums #howitsmade

Thomas Lang setting up his DW kit for a recording session


Hello fellow drum nerds! I keep receiving regular requests for more details on my Hotrod-red DW kit and I thought I'd let you watch me prep the kit for a recording session and talk a little about this red-hot gorgeous beast. Also, the Big Drum Bonanza is happening July 17th-21st with guest teachers Simon Phillips, Terry Bozzio, Luke Holland, yours truly and other surprise guests! You can register at 🤍bigdrumbonanza.com Excuse the sometimes spotty audio in this video, I may have dropped the camera one too many times!

Tony Royster Jr. - DW Performance Series™


Witness Tony Royster Jr.'s first experience playing on the all-new DW Performance Series. This kit features the Cherry Stain finish. The drums sizes in this video are: 8x10" Tom-Tom (8-ply HVX) 9x12" (8-ply HVX) 14x16" (8-ply HVX) 5.5x14" SNARE (10-ply HVX) 18x22" Bass Drum (8-ply HVX) This is a DW drumset in every way. No detail has been overlooked, no corners have been cut. Its look and sound are decidedly DW. Custom-inspired, with a new Quarter Turret lug, low mass die-cast claw hook, new badge, logo head and hand-sprayed Specialty Lacquer finishes, it's designed to get noticed and most importantly, Performance sounds like what you'd expect from DW. Easy to tune, superior sounding HVX shells, along with DW heads by Remo USA, STM™ (Suspension Tom Mounts), True Pitch™ Tuning and DW 45 degree back-cut bearing edges, all make these drums sing. DRPL The cymbals on this kit are all Zildjian (Tony endorses Sabian): from overhead left to right (clockwise) 14" K Custom Dark Hats 16" K Custom Dark Crash 17" A Custom ReZo Crash 18" K Custom Dark Crash 20" A Armand Ride 18" K Custom Hybrid Crash For more info about Performance Series drums: 🤍 For all things Tony, visit: 🤍 Tony proudly endorses Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks, and Evans heads. For all things DW, visit: 🤍 To really stay connected with all our latest happenings, "Like" our Facebook Fan Page 🤍 and follow our Tweets 🤍 filmed and edited by ryan poyer (squaresoflight)

Jamal Moore - Straight Up DW Drums


Jamal Moore recently joined us at the DW factory to play along to a track he wrote and arranged Subscribe to our youtube channel to see your favorite DW Artists direct from the DW factory. 🤍

DW Drum Workshop Factory Tour


Drummerszone filmed how drums are made at the DW-Drum Workshop factory. We recorded the entire drum making process from veneer to the actual drum. Including the most important stages of DW drum manufacturing and the company's own checks and balances on absolute sound control. Also included are a few specialties from the workplace of DW's legendary custom shell builder Louie Garcia, like Neil Peart's Time Machine kit, Nick Mason's 'Dark Side of the Moon,' and the unique flight tickets-wrap of Josh Freese. This video is published as part of this article on Drummerszone.com: ➤ 🤍 The drum intermissions you hear in the video are random chops by Thomas Lang playing his DW kit at his home studio in Los Angeles - without any edits. ➤ Win free gear on Drummerszone: 🤍 ➤ Support Drummerszone & Wear or Use our Merchandise: 🤍 Contents & Time index: 00:00 The Veneer 00:20 The drum plies 00:54 Pressing the veneer 01:13 Building the Drum Worksop drum shells 03:00 Cool Tempering the drum shells 03:25 Reinforcement rings 03:46 Bearing edges 04:24 The Drilling room 05:29 The Hot Dog machine 05:49 Finishes & graphics - with Louie Garcia! 07:30 The Collector's Series register 08:38 Assembly: the tuning table 09:05 Final inspection at the DW White House 09:37 Snapchat?!? + Thomas Lang ending 09:45 You've made it! Finally the change to subscribe to Drummerszone's YouTube channel! DW Drums on Drummerszone ➤ 🤍 Follow Drummerszone on ➤ YouTube: 🤍 ➤ Twitter: 🤍 ➤ Facebook: 🤍 ➤ Instagram: 🤍 Beat your heart out! ➤ 🤍 Visit our live Drummer Index ➤ 🤍 #Drummerszone #DWDrums #howdrumsaremade #howitsmade

DW Collectors Drum Sets Showcase - 5 Shells Tested!


We demo 5 variations of 🤍dw drums Collector’s Series Drum Sets. SSC Maple, Maple/Mahogany, Cherry/Spruce, Maple/Spruce and Cherry/Mahogany. Links to more details and to purchase these drums and cymbals are just below! DW Collectors SSC Maple 5pc Drum Set Satin Natural Oil w/ Chrome Hw Available for purchase here: 🤍 DW Collectors Maple/Mahogany 5pc Drum Set Pale Blue Oyster FinishPly Available for purchase here: 🤍 DW Collectors Cherry/Spruce 6pc Drum Set Natural Gloss Available for purchase here: 🤍 DW Collectors Maple/Spruce 6pc Drum Set Natural Hard Satin DEMO MODEL Available for purchase here: 🤍 Used DW Collectors Cherry/Mahogany 6pc Drum Set Candy Black Burst Over Spalted Beech w/ Black Nickel Hw Available for purchase here: 🤍 DW Collectors 3mm Copper Snare Drum 14x6.5 Gold Hw Available for purchase here: 🤍 Cymbals: Sabian Prototype AA Ride Cymbal 23 3122 grams Available for purchase here: 🤍 #dwdrums #dwcollectorsreview #dwdrumscomparison #bestdwdrums #drumworkshop #dwexotic #drumcenternh

DW50 Founder's Feed - Episode 1 // John Heads Out West


We're kicking off the DW50 Founder's Feed with John Good's story of how he made his way out to the Pacific coast for love and drums. #DW50 See more at 🤍

Virgil Donati plays DW Drums (100% GoPro)


Virgil Donati + 8 GoPro cameras = 🤍 Virgil is widely recognized as one of the most dedicated and technically advanced drummers of all time Find out more about him at 🤍 The drums in this video are DW Collector's Series Cherry/Mahogany shells with Black Nickel hardware. The finish is a custom quick lacquer fade from green to gun metal grey. find out more at dwdrums.com

DW Drums - Family Reunion 11.5.2019


On November 5th, 2019, we invited some of our longest endorsed artists to the workshop to talk about the early days of DW and how Don and John's relationships with the artists made DW a leader in the industry. If you need a remedy from Social Distancing, share some laughs, stories, and good vibes with our DW Family. #puregoodvibes #dwhistory #drumhistory #dwfamily

Masters Of Resonance with Rush Drummer: Neil Peart


“What could be more transcendent than a musical instrument?” - Neil Peart, Rush drummer This music documentary, Masters of Resonance, tells the story of John Good, Founder of DW Drums and his team’s unending pursuit of excellence, innovation and craftsmanship… While pulling back the curtain on the science of drum making. Embracing failure to find success, humility, working as a team, dedication, trustworthiness… There are many life lessons to glean from John Good and the DW Drums team. Created by the storytellers at Edge Factor, this film inspires viewers to draw from these life lessons and celebrate the art of using your head, hands, and technology to imagine new possibilities. STARRING: Jeremy Bout (Edge Factor), John Good and Don Lombardi (DW Drums), Neil Peart (Rush), Tommy Clufetos (Black Sabbath), Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny Group), Duncan Phillips (Newsboys), Cobus Potgieter, and the extraordinary makers at DW Drums.

Eric Moore: DW Drums


provided by DW DW Collector's Series Cherry Shells -Robin's Egg Blue with Chrome Hardware. - 8x10, 8x12, 8x13, 16x16, 16x18, 16x22 Bass Drums and 14x20 Gong Drum - 5.5x14 Snare Drum & Side Snares ...more Videos here at DRUMMERWORLD: 🤍

DW Drums Booth Visit at Winter NAMM 2020


More from NAMM 2020 👉 🤍 Shop the latest DW Drums 👉 🤍 NEW at #NAMM2020: Nick D'Virgilio heads to the DW booth at Winter NAMM 2020 to check out their latest kits, snares, and drum hardware. Sweetwater NAMM Report 👉 🤍 After you watch, check out Sweetwater.com today for all your music instrument and pro audio needs! 👉 🤍 #Sweetwater #NAMM2020 #DW #DrumWorkshop

Timeless Timber (Romanian River Oak) DW Drums - Extended Cut


Good Headphones Strongly Recommended! DESTINED TO BE A TIMELESS CLASSIC 🤍 We are proud to introduce the latest addition to the Timeless Timber legacy: Timeless Timber Oak. At more than 1,500 years old, this is a very special wood. These prized logs were dredged from Romania's Olt River. It is extremely dense and very resonant. Timeless Timber River Oak is also dark, warm, and very musical. Finished in Natural Satin Lacquer, complimented by custom-plated Antique Bronze hardware, and outfitted with all-new Lux Leather Bass Drum Hoops™, less than 100 of these stunning 6-piece sets will ever be made. DRTT Instrument-Microphone Preamp-Microphone Kick-BAE 1073-Sontronics DM-1B Snare Top-BAE 1073-Sontronics DM 1S Snare Bottom-BAE 1073-Audix i5 Hi Hat-API 312-Sontronics STC-1 Tom 1-Universal Audio 4110-Sontronics DM-1T Tom 2-Universal Audio 4110-Sontronics DM-1T Floor Tom 1-Universal Audio 4110-Akg d112 Floor Tom 2-Universal Audio 4110-Akg d112 Overhead L-API 312-Sontronics STC-1 Overhead R-API 312-Sontronics STC-1 Room L-Universal Audio 610-AKG C414 B TL Room R-Universal Audio 610-AKG C414 B TL All drums were recorded using Protools Software. No EQ or Compression was used on any tracks with the exception of an overall limiter on the main stereo bus. For More information on Sontronics Microphones please visit 🤍 For all things DW, visit: 🤍 To stay extra-connected with all our latest happenings, follow us on your favorite social networks: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

DW Drums & DDLA 2021 – All the latest gear


Fresh from Drum Day LA, JR Robinson and John Good show you all the latest innovations from DW Drums. Thomas Lang and Tony Royster Jr. really fire it up on the new PurpleCore and Design Series kits. For more info visit 🤍

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