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Today we're looking at the Tags Window. With Tags, you can control things like visibility and line types. Follow along and we'll show you how best to use these.

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Tags Window - Square One
Tags Window - Square One
Tags Window - Square One
Tags Window - Square One
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Roger Thomson
2022-10-08 15:57:00

Great! That couldn't have been clearer! Thanks

ps 403547
2022-10-02 04:53:10

The term layers makes perfect sense.
There isn't a soul alive that hasn't used photoshop

2022-08-29 18:26:19

Great video and well presented, thank you

Jeffrey Yap
2022-08-04 00:13:56

Hi Aaron, Can you nest a group that has the dashed line assigned to it to another group that does not have the dash lines and still have the dash lines appear ?

Sinónimo Arquitectura
2022-08-01 16:04:53

Hello, why isn't there the possibility to "duplicate" a tag in the Tag section? Sometimes we have complex drawings where it would be easier or more practical to duplicate the Tag avoiding the following process: duplicate group with the move tool, then we select the new group and change the Tag in the identity information section as shown in the video , this path works for simple drawings like the ones you have as an example but it becomes very tedious for more complex drawings or models. Is there any solution?

Bilal Alkhos
2022-04-23 00:48:25

you are a really great person thanks Aron

Shynn Sup
2022-04-06 23:06:12

Tags exist to put everything in Untagged. Brilliant! Top software design!

R Montena
2022-03-18 20:44:00

in my tag folder I don't find or see any defaults and I also don't know how to get dashed lines :( is it possible my pro 2022 didn't download completely or with errors? Tx, Rich

boora asim
2022-02-28 17:27:34


Michael Gibson
2022-02-27 16:07:02

Dude... Demonstrate workflow! Start with a blank slate and show adding the tags, every video is just "hey, look what I did with tags", demonstrate actually creating and attaching tags to specific groups! Please... My floor and walls won't tag together, I draw a floor and it automatically tags the floor, I can't stop it... I offset my walls to draw a basic floor plan and then make that a group. I click add tag while that group is selected and the tag doesn't attach to anything! And the floor remains on the "untagged" tag while the walls are completely unaffected?!?!? It's probably a simple solution, but please for the love of God someone make a proper tutorial video..

Abdelmonem Ibrahim
2022-02-23 10:41:13

why are the colors of the objects still in one color? black!! I am trying to use the tag by color for my floor plans and it does not work at all, no help here!

Heinrich Peter Maria Radojewski Schäfer Leverkusen
2022-02-08 01:03:38

I also think that it is very strange that when you move a
grouping or a component from one tag to another, that
only the "shell" of the grouping or component is moved.

Not however the elements, the structures and the things,
which are in it.


Craig Birston
2022-01-20 20:28:29

A great video on Tags; appreciated. I have a problem with the Tags dialogue box. It doesn't show the full name of my tags, they're cut off. I've tried the pull down "expand all" but doesn't seem to work. Any help with this appreciated.

Isabella Cattaneo
2022-01-20 17:58:27

Is there a way to change columns' width of tag Window, on a Mac? If you use long tag names, they are hidden... Thanks

Bob Starkie
2022-01-01 02:54:26

You don't actually say how to attach an objet to a tag. You create a tag called 'other' but it isn't attached to anything in the window. You then discuss tags that have already been previously created by you in the window.

Larry Sperry
2021-12-26 14:50:31

I’m what you would call a casual SU user. I may go months without using SU then have periods of very intense use. I find I have to do a lot of refreshing my skills before the use sessions. Your square one videos are perfect for that. I thank you and please keep them coming.

Jack Brennan
2021-11-20 17:45:33

My tag names only show about 5-7 letters max and I can't widen the tag name area in the window. Can someone tell me how to widen it to show more letters? Using the latest SU Pro 2021.

Quinn Matthey
2021-10-17 07:23:35

Thank God for this. Im learning sketchup at home and I was watching a tutorial from 2017. I spent probably an hour trying to figure out where the "layers" option had gone under window. Thank you!

2021-06-15 04:24:13

wish I had known about the color by tag some time ago. will come in handy. also tags i believe are accessible in layout. maybe a video on how to use tags with layout.

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