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Dunlop DVP4 Mini Volume Pedal Overview


Check out the full specs and purchase this great pedal here: - 🤍 Control your volume and FX parameters without crowding your pedalboard. Saving space doesn't mean skimping on durability or functionality-the DVP4 Mini Volume (X) Pedal does everything that the larger DVP3 does at half the size, and it's just as durable and solidly built with a lightweight aluminum chassis, aggressive non-slip tread, and our patented Low Friction Band-Drive for a smooth range of motion and consistent, reliable performance. For maximum comfort and precision, the DVP4's rocker tension is fully adjustable.

Volume Pedals - Dunlop Mini X Volume Pedal - Gear Demo


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Dunlop DVP4 Volume X Mini Review


Ryan talks about his new DVP4 and compares it to some of his previous volume and expression pedals. Dunlop Volume X Mini DVP4: 🤍 * 60CH on Patreon: 🤍 Buy Something with our affiliate links: Buy a Shirt - 🤍 Sweetwater: 🤍 Thomann: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Ebay: 🤍 Reverb: 🤍 Cool Patch Cables: 🤍 + Social Media Stuff: Facebook: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Instagram and Twitter 🤍60cyclehum TikTok: 🤍 Hire us for Demos and other marketing opportunities 🤍

Morley Mini Volume Plus - A Small Awesome Volume Pedal!


The Morley Mini Volume Plus is small, it's "cute", and it's a great volume pedal. Hang with me while I review the features and demo the pedal. 🤍 #AmbientGuitar #AmbientSwells #EffectPedals Follow Chords of Orion Music on: Bandcamp: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Apple iTunes/Music: 🤍 Chords of Orion Gear Recommendations: 🤍 Equipment used in this video (in order of the signal chain): PRS SE-277 Baritone Guitar 🤍 Wampler Ego Compressor 🤍 Strymon Sunset Strymon Riverside Line 6 HX Stomp 🤍 Morley Mini Volume Plus Volume Pedal 🤍 Morley Little Alligator Volume Pedal 🤍 Strymon El Capistan Strymon Timeline Delay Strymon BigSky Reverb Pedaltrain Classic Pro Pedalboard 🤍 Focusrite Saffire Pro 40: 🤍 Apple Logic Pro X Chords of Orion - Ambient guitar music for the mind and heart. Bill Vencil - Guitars Web: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: Chords of Orion is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for Chords of Orion to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Dunlop DVP4 Volume X Mini Pedal Impressions | Almost There...


I try out the DVP4 Volume X Mini Pedal in this video. Dunlop DVP4 Volume X Mini Pedal: 🤍 Gear: Picks: 🤍 Gibson SGJ 2014 Power: 🤍 Tuner: 🤍 EP Booster: 🤍 Blues Driver: 🤍 Keeley Caverns Delay & Reverb Amp: 🤍 Recording Equipment: AMP USB Cable: 🤍 USB Extensions: 🤍 SD Cards: 🤍 SD Card Readers: 🤍 Mic: 🤍 Mic Shock Mount: 🤍 Mic Pop Filter: 🤍 Camera: 🤍 2nd Camera: 🤍 Computer: Case: 🤍 OS: 🤍 Motherboard: 🤍 RAM: 🤍 Power Supply: 🤍 CPU: 🤍 CPU Cooler: 🤍 GPU: 🤍 Main Monitor: 🤍 2 Monitors: 🤍 M.2 Drive: 🤍 HDD: 🤍 Speakers: 🤍 Headphones: 🤍 Mouse: 🤍 2nd Mouse: 🤍 Mousepad: 🤍 Keyboard: 🤍 DVD Drive: 🤍 I make a small commission from any orders placed through Amazon links as an Amazon Affiliate.

Dunlop Mini Volume Tuner Mod


To purchase this pedal click here 🤍



Get your very own SONICAKE VOLWAH here... 🤍 SONICAKE Expression Pedal VolWah is an active volume/wah pedal for those people who think that a full-size, metal-casing Wah pedal is heavy as balls and simply took too much space on the pedal board. Pure analog circuit design combines an active volume and a vintage wah in 1 mini-sized pedal, which is extremely compact, a true space-saver for your crowded pedal board. The volume part of the pedal is an active circuit, which would save you from a lot of trouble of impedance mismatch issues. The wah part of the pedal is going after the iconic Crybaby style, vintage wah sound, which is dynamic and responsive, meanwhile employed widely by guitarist from all genres. The pedal is made of hard plastic, with a lightweight casing but yet truly robust and well-built. Two LED light shows the working state of the pedal, indicating which mode the pedal is engaged with. Hope you enjoy it… Drop us an email at thepedalpicassos🤍 if you’d like to see us demo a certain pedal! …and please subscribe, like and leave a comment! …it all helps!!!

Dunlop VOLUME (X) MINI volume & expression pedal


🤍 Mini volume or exp pedal...high quality, low dollar, small real estate , great sweep! I used my 🤍 Suhr 'Tinkerbell' Telecaster of love, rocked and loaded with 🤍 Mojotone Hot Rod bridge pickups and Suhr Thornbuckers. Marshall 1970's JMP 2 input 100 watt head of destruction and reissue TV 412 marshall cabinet, wired for sound with 🤍 Bulletcable White Coily Cable of love and 🤍 EQ Cable straight cable of bliss. Mic'd up with Telefunken M80 and M81 🤍 YEEEEEEuuuuPPP!!!!!

Dunlop Volume X Mini Pedal Demo by Nik Dobbin


A quick look at the Dunlop Volume X Mini pedal (Volume / Expression). Music: 🤍

Jim Dunlop Dvp4 Volume mini




Fala ai galera, no vídeo de hoje eu dou uma dica de como você pode usar seu pedal de volume. O pedal que estou usando no vídeo é o Volume X Mini da Dunlop. Treinamento Guitarra Consciente: 🤍 Redes Sociais: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

Why You Need a Volume Pedal!


The volume pedal is a pretty amazing piece of gear , and I don’t think most people realize all that they can do with it. It’s usually seen as this simple volume control device which is accurate but it also holds within it magic. In this episode, we’re going to unpack some of that magic. 🤍 🤍 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:28 History of Volume Pedals 2:40 Fuzz and Volume 4:34 "Swollen Face" 6:28 Expression 8:08 "Venus Frontier" 9:52 Effects Loop 10:54 Effect Loop Demonstration 12:17 Swells 13:48 "Prairie Dog Daydream" 15:07 More Volume Pedal Tips 16:52 Record Time 17:42 Thanks for Watching! Gear in this Episode: Dunlop JHF1 Jimi Hendrix Signature Fuzz Face 🤍 Ernie Ball 6180 VP Jr Mono Volume Pedal 🤍 Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station 🤍 JHS SuperBolt V2 🤍 EHX Oceans 12 🤍 Boss RV-6 Reverb 🤍 Vertex Boost 🤍 Insert Cable 🤍 Record Time: Beabadoobee - Fake it Flowers 🤍 Josh’s record player is by U-Turn Audio: 🤍 The jams from this episode are on BandLab! Head over to the link below to jam with us, download the stems, and create your own samples from our sounds... or all of those things. 🤍 #jhs #thejhsshow #volumepedal




How To Use An EXPRESSION Pedal With The HX Stomp


Purchase the Pilot on REVERB: 🤍 -OR- Email Rob directly: littlerobbiepedals🤍 Link to all EXPANSE Packs: 🤍 ►► Get your 2021 Digital Worship Planner HERE ►► 🤍 TIME STAMPS: 0:00 Explanation and GIVEAWAY Winner! 3:10 Dunlop X Mini Volume and Expression Pedal 4:53 How to Invert the tip and ring in the Dunlop X Mini 5:56 How to hook it all up 6:52 Expression Settings in the HX Stomp 7:26 Can you run volume and expression at the same time? 14:36 Parameter changes within the Stomp 16:00 How to save a block! 17:12 Expression with Command Center! OTHER SWEET DEALS: ►► GhostFire Shop: 🤍 Use code HEYWORSHIPLEADER to save 10% at checkout! ►► Get Sunday Keys 2021 Edition HERE (MainStage): 🤍 Use code HEYWORSHIP to save 10% at checkout! Ableton Live version: 🤍 ►► For more info about Mentor-Coaching for worship leaders, visit: 🤍 WATCH NEXT: ○ HX Stomp Playlist: 🤍 ○ Worship Guitar Essentials Playlist: 🤍 ○ Shepherd Your Congregtaion Playlist: 🤍 ○ Gear Up For The Weekend Playlist: 🤍 CURRENT PEDALBOARD RIG: ○ Line 6 HX Stomp: 🤍 ○ Logsdon HX Stomp Current Doubler: 🤍 ○ Cioks DC7 Power Supply: 🤍 ○ Dunlop Mini Volume Pedal: 🤍 ○ Mono Pedalboard: 🤍 ○ Mono Soft Case: 🤍 ○ Right Angle Midi Cable: 🤍 ○ Headphone Adaptor Cable: 🤍 ○ BOSS Solderless Pedalboard Cable Kit: 🤍 AMPS: ○ Tyler HM-18: 🤍 ○ Fender Blues Junior: 🤍 GUITARS: ○ Taylor 414ce: 🤍 ○ Fender MIM Telecaster: 🤍 ○ Fender Locking Tuners: 🤍 LIVE GEAR: ○ KZ AS10 In-Ear Monitors: 🤍 ○ KZ ZST (Back Up In-Ears): 🤍 ○ Everly 30022 Star Pick 12-pack .60mm Orange: 🤍 ○ Shure GLXD16-Z2 Digital Guitar Pedal Wireless System: 🤍 ○ Dunlop Mic Stand Pick Holder: 🤍 ○ Snark Super Snark HZ Clip-On Tuner: 🤍 ○ Elixir Nanoweb Acoustic Strings: 🤍 ○ Ernie Ball Power Slinky Electric Strings: 🤍 ○ Dunlop Trigger Capo: 🤍 MUST HAVE BOOKS: ○ The Worship Pastor: A Call to Ministry for Worship Leaders and Teams: 🤍 ○ Doxology and Theology: How the Gospel Forms the Worship Leader: 🤍 ○ Christ-Centered Worship: 🤍 ○ True Worshipers: 🤍 ○ Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God: 🤍 CAMERA GEAR USED: ○ Canon SL2: 🤍 ○ Canon Creative Lens Combo Pack: 🤍 ○ Sigma 18-35mm F 1.8 Art: 🤍 ○ K&F Concept 72mm ND Filter: 🤍 ○ Rode VideoMicro: 🤍 ○ Fovitec - 2-Light 1000W Lighting Kit: 🤍 ○ Blue Yeti Nano USB Microphone: 🤍 ○ Tripod: 🤍 ○ Joby GorillaPod 3K tripod: 🤍 COME SAY HI! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: Here is a list of gear and resources I use to either grow myself, lead worship, or make videos. These links might be affiliate links which help support this channel. If you purchase a product with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting so I can continue to provide you with free content each week! And make sure you subscribe to my channel! 🤍 #hxstomp #dunlopxmini #expression

Mooer Leveline - Review


Mooer Leveline, getestet von 🤍 mit einer Tausch "Dragonfly". Subscribe to MusikerTV by clicking on this button: 🤍 Ausführlicher Bericht hier: 🤍 Offizielle Mooer-Produktseite: 🤍 Mey Chair Systems Hocker (A1-HRG-KL-FS7): 🤍 Folge Musiker TV: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Don't Make These VOLUME PEDAL Mistakes!


Most guitarists have a love/hate relationship with volume pedals. But with a few helpful tips, you can make any volume pedal sound and function exactly how you want it to. Today, I'm teaching you everything you need to know about volume pedals: the different types, signal path placement, and my top recommendations. If you know of a high quality volume pedal that we didn't mention in this video, tell us in the comments below! Table of Contents 00:00 Introduction 00:34 Volume Pedals 01:34 What is a Volume Pedal, Really? 02:44 Types of Volume Pedals 05:55 Make any Volume Pedal Active 06:46 Volume Pedal Placement 07:04 Position 1: Before Overdrive 09:24 Position 1: Sound Example 10:05 Pros and Cons to Position 1 11:31 Position 2: After Overdrive 13:11 Position 2: Sound Example 13:56 Pros and Cons to Position 2 14:52 Position 3: In Amp FX Loop 16:49 Position 3: Sound Example 17:23 Pros and Cons to Position 3 18:11 What Did We Learn? 19:51 A Warning Against “Tuner Out”s 21:13 Thanks for Watching! 22:18 Support Us! ⬇️ MY RECOMMENDED VOLUME PEDALS ⬇️ Vertex Boost (active) - 🤍 Dunlop Volume X8 (high impedance) - 🤍 Lehle Mono Volume Pedal (active) - 🤍 Lehle Stereo Volume Pedal (active) - 🤍 Boss FV-500L (low impedance) - 🤍 Boss FV-500H (high impedance) - 🤍 Ernie Ball VP JR 250K (high impedance)- 🤍 Ernie Ball VP JR 25K (low impedance) - 🤍 ⬇ GET A ONE-ON-ONE TONE CONSULTATION WITH THE RIG DR. ⬇ 🤍 FOLLOW US Instagram: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Website: 🤍 ⬇BUY VERTEX PEDALS⬇ 🤍 ⬇PODCAST⬇ //apple// 🤍 //spotify// 🤍 ⬇DIY BUFFER DIAGRAMS & TEMPLATES⬇ 🤍 ⬇RECOMMENDED MATERIALS⬇ //buffers// 🤍 //pedalboards// 🤍 //power supply// 🤍 //cables// 🤍 //cable & pedal management// 🤍 //pedalboard tools// 🤍 CREDITS: Host/Co-Production: Mason Marangella Video: Nico Sotomayor Video Editing: Victor San Pedro Co-Production/Design: Mason Mejia Audio Engineering: Hunter Harrison #volumepedals #guitarpedals #electricguitar

Lehle Mono Volume S


The preset 4 and 4.1 has a very progressive taper This works very well with heavily saturated amps and fully overdriven pedals. You can easily change the amount of gain, even down to nearly clean, because of the progressive curve with your foot you have the feeling of a linear travel Signal Chain, Fender Stratocaster into the Shnobel Tone Daily Driver into the Lehle Mono Volume S into the TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 into the Vox AC30

DOD MINI EXP EXPRESSION : how cheap is it?


Unboxing and unbiased first impressions of the DOD mini expression MINI EXP pedal

DUNLOP DVP4 Volume X Mini Pedal - гитарная педаль громкости и экcпрессии


DUNLOP DVP4 Volume X Mini Pedal 🤍 - гитарная педаль громкости практически в два раза меньше стандартных VOLUME педалей и при этом может выполнять те же самые функции. Кроме стандартных входа и выхода эта педаль имеет порт AUX, который может играть роль выхода для тюнера или же выхода для использования DVP4 в качестве педали экспрессии, в которой она позволяет настроить минимальное значение контролируемого параметра, а также направление его изменения (повторы в твоём дилэе могут "заводиться" или в опущенном, или в поднятом положении)​. Не перегружайте свой педалборд, ставьте смело маленькую гитарную педаль DUNLOP DVP4 ➤ Если вы хотите приобрести педаль громкости DUNLOP со скидкой или получить от нас консультацию по другим гитарным педалям громкости и экспрессии, вы можете нам написать на viktor🤍 или позвонить: Москва - 8(495) 739-2223, Санкт-Петербург - 8(812)677-09-59, многоканальный бесплатный для всей России 8(800)250-55-00

Volume Pedal Fundamentals – That Pedal Show


Welcome to That Pedal Show! Please subscribe to our channel and visit our store 🤍 Life too short for long YouTube videos? See the ’Interesting bits and go-to sections’ timings below. In this episode we explore the basics of using a volume pedal. Now you might think it’s a simple matter of varying your volume from quiet to loud… but as we find out, the specifical placementation of the volume pedal in your signal chain can have radically differentialising effectalisations on the resultifying tones emanating forth from your electronical guitar device, amplficator equipments and effectatious pedallion combinations. Sothusthreforely we commence by observifacting three common placementisations for the volume pedal, before installising one in the effects loop of the amplifier and finishing with a tremendacious creativising idea from young Daniel Steinhardt of Australia. Enjoybles! Pedals in this episode… • TheGigRig Three2One 🤍 • Sonic Research ST-300 Turbo Tuner Mini USA: 🤍 Australia: 🤍 • JAM Pedals Rattler UK & Europe: 🤍 USA: 🤍 Australia: 🤍 🤍 • Paul Cochrane Timmy Overdrive 🤍 • Empress Echo System UK & Europe: 🤍 Australia: 🤍 • Walrus Audio Fathom Reverb UK & Europe: 🤍 USA: 🤍 Australia: 🤍 • Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man No longer made • BOSS FV-30H (FV-500H is same spec but physically bigger) UK & Europe: 🤍 USA: 🤍 • DOD FX-17 Wah-Volume No longer made • TheGigRig G2 🤍 * Why do we have preferred retailer links? Find out here: 🤍 Interesting bits and go-to sections… - Intro playing: 0:00 - Check out our peeps and buy stuff. Please: 1:30 - What are we doing today? 1:45 - High- and low-impedance volume pedals: 2:56 - Pot values and tope end to ground? 4:30 - Today’s board: 5:25 - Today’s amps: 5:38 - Rattler and volume pedal: 6:04 (7:20) - …compared with the guitar volume pot: 8:56 - Active volume pedal? 10:53 - Volume pedal after overdrive (used as master volume): 13:28 - Direct comparison: volume pedal pedal before and after drive: 14:40 - What about delay and reverb? 16:40 - Volume pedal after gain, but before delay and reverb: 17:38 - Summary of the three main positions so far: 2-:05 - What about FX loops, delay and volume level? 21:30 - Volume pedal in the FX loop of an amp: 24:50 - …and with preamp gain from the amp: 25:45 - …same volume pedal into the front of the amp: 27:11 - High and low impedance, again: 29:08 - Dan’s four-input/two-channel 100 per cent wet volume pedal trick: 30:52 - …and more of that with nice noises: 39:40 - What about the sound of an active (buffered) volume pedal? 42:00 (42:52) - …and with overdrive: 45:20 Guitars and amps in today’s video: • Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster – Mick’s video at 🤍 • Fender Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster – Dan’s video at 🤍 • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III with standard speaker - No longer made, link to latest version UK & Europe: 🤍 USA: 🤍 • Lazy J 20 combo with Celestion Alnico Cream Speaker Please subscribe to our channel. Buy a T-shirt to support our efforts?🤍 We are also on Patreon 🤍 Please visit our preferred retailers! UK & Europe: Andertons Music 🤍 Australia: Pedal Empire 🤍 USA: That Pedal Shop 🤍

Morley M2 Mini Volume Effect Pedal Review


"If pedal board space is an issue and you don’t want a separate pedal on the side, then the M2 mini could well be the answer for you. Good price for a premium class pedal, too!" Morley M2 Mini Volume Effects pedal Review by Guitar Interactive Magazine. Reviewed in Issue 34 of Guitar Interactive Magazine by Lewis Turner read the review here 🤍 Subscribe to the free magazine here. 🤍 Open your FREE copy of Guitar Interactive Magazine Issue 34 here : 🤍 Featuring Robben Ford, Dan Patlansky and special tribue to the late, great BB King. All of this plus all of our regular features, reviews and lessons.

Dunlop DVP4 Mini - Review / Test Pedal de Volume e Expressão na Hx Stomp


Fala meus amigos... gravei esse vídeo uns meses atrás e estou postando hoje. Apesar de muitos usarem sempre mta gente me pergunta se realmente rola, então resolvi testar o pedal e mostrar pra vcs. Espero que gostem... é noixxx!!!

1 Dunlop Volume X Mini Expression pedal to control 2 HX Stomp Expression pedal inputs (Exp1 & Exp2)


How I got this to work without any modifications to the expression pedal.

Active vs. Passive Volume Pedals: What's The Difference? (and 25K vs. 250K?)


►► Free Mini-Course on Ambient Guitar Chord Structures: 🎁 → 🤍 In this video, I am answer these questions: - What is the difference between active and passive volume pedals? - What is the difference between Ernie Ball VP Jr. 25K and 250K (and in general) - Which one is better: active or passive volume pedal? - How much tone suck there is on a passive volume pedal vs. an active volume pedal? I'm going to explain all that, and then I'll be playing through an active and passive volume pedal so that you can hear the difference of tone between them (how much tone suck there is). Pedals I'm demonstrating in the video: Mission Engineering VM-Pro Ernie Ball VP Jr. 250K Thanks for watching! If you have any other questions, leave them in the comment section below. More lessons and music: ► Ambient Guitar Academy: 🤍 ► My Studio Albums : 🤍 Subscribe: ►► 🤍 This is the Ambient Guitar youtube channel of Canadian multi-instrumentist Antoine Michaud. Through original ambient music, chordal guitar lessons and tips on guitar pedals, Antoine is looking to educate and inspire aspiring ambient musicians to learn everything about the world of ambient guitar and chordal voicings on guitar.

Donner "Vowel" Wah & Volume Mini Pedal


This is the Donner "Vowel" Wah & Volume Mini Pedal. It features both a wah and volume pedal in one. ►Donner Australia -🤍 ►Amazon Canada - 🤍 ►Amazon AU - 🤍 ►Amazon UK - 🤍 (affiliate links) - ►Find my Guitar Gear on Sweetwater - 🤍 ►Buy a T-Shirt to Support the Show - 🤍 ►Get Your Music on iTunes, Spotify, and More: 🤍 (7% off) ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Patreon: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 (Links to Sweetwater, Thomann, Amazon, B&H, Artist Guitars and DistroKid are affiliate links) #donnerdeal #donnereffects #wahpedal ‎ This YouTube channel participates in Affiliate programs. These programs are designed in a way for the channel to earn an income by using the links provided in the description or pinned comment section. Please note: Not all links on this Youtube channel are affiliate links.

Vowel Mini Wah & Volume Pedal By Donner Review And Demo


Review and demo of Vowel By Donner – Mini Wah & Volume Pedal. You can visit the Donner Store by this link: 🤍 Vowel – it's a compact and cute Volume and Wah pedal by Donner. Everything is very simple with this pedal. Input, Output, Socket for Power Supply. And one footswitch – for switching between wah and volume. It means when the Wah mode is off, you can use it like a volume pedal... This pedal is a reincarnation of classic Wah-Wah pedals. And this is a matter of taste. Some people like extreme modern pedals. And some just need classic sound. Nice sound, low price and pedalboard-friendly size make this pedal worth your attention. Maybe as your first Wah pedal... or your travel Wah pedal. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel... Leave a comment! Make Rock - Not War! #Wah #WahPedal #GuitarLessons #GuitarLesson #GuitarPedals #GuitarPedal #GuitarWah #DonnerPedals #Vowel

Modify Your Volume Pedal


The Rig Doctor shows you how to mod the pedalboard essential, volume pedal, to be an even more utilitarian tool, doubling as VP and a pedalboard interface/patch-bay for your entire rig with this simple, $0 modification. Ask "The Dr." questions below to help you trouble shoot your rig and/or how to mod your volume pedal! USED IN THIS VIDEO: Dunlop Volume X - 🤍 Soldering Iron - 🤍 Solder - 🤍 Solder Dispenser: 🤍 Octopus Arms - 🤍 Wire Strippers - 🤍 Wire Snips - 🤍 Brother P Touch Labeler - 🤍 Brother Black Label Tape - 🤍 Hitachi Electric Screwdriver - 🤍 Multimeter: 🤍 Electrical Tape: 🤍 DeOxit Contact Cleaner: 🤍 Solder Sucker: 🤍 CREDITS: Videographer(s) - Rhett Shull, Andrew Harris Editor - Victor San Pedro Graphics - Victor San Pedro Logo - Audrey Reed Producer(s) - Rhett Shull, Mason Marangella Mason Marangella - As Himself INTRO MUSIC: Courtesy of YouTube LOCATION: Maxwell Park - Oakland, California (USA)

Dunlop Volume X Pedals


🤍 Create incredibly smooth volume swells or control your effect pedal parameters with any one of the series of Dunlop DVP Volume X pedals. They are available in three sizes that span from the familiar feel of the XL to the Cry Baby sized X, to the innovative and pedal board friendly MIni. They all are solidly-built, feature an aggressive non-slip tread, and come equipped with our patent-pending Low Friction Band-Drive for a smooth range of motion without the fear of breakage or change in feel or range. For maximum comfort and precision, the rocker tension on these pedals are fully adjustable. The DVP XL and X feature front port jacks that provide for standard in/out routing for volume control use, as well as separate FX and Tuner outputs. In order to save space, the Mini sports an AUX jack that can act either as expression or tuner via an internal selection switch. Please visit 🤍 to learn more about each one of these pedals to find out which one is right for you. SIGNAL CHAIN FOR DEMO: Fender Telecaster w/ Dunlop .10 Nickel Wound Strings + Dunlop Glass Slide + Super Bad Ass Distortion + MXR Carbon Copy + Way Huge Ringworm Ring Modulator + Way Huge Supa Puss Analog Delay + MXR Reverb + Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special Amp Recorded using Royer 121 and Sennheiser 906 Microphones Apollo digital interface and mixing/mastering plug-ins courtesy of Universal Audio. SPECIAL THANKS: James Deprato (composition & performance) Universal Audio, 🤍 Royer Labs, 🤍 Mesa Boogie Amplification, 🤍 VIDEO CREDITS: Executive Producer: Jimmy Dunlop Director: Joey Tosi Art Direction: Graham Shaw Director of Photography: Donavan Sell Set Decoration / On Set Dresser: Mick Waller Gaffer: Andy Haney Grip: Tandy Kyne, LIttle Giant Lighting & Grip San Francisco CA

Hotone Soul Press Wah/Volume/Expression Pedal


Hotone Soul Press Wah/Volume/Expression Pedal - ►Find my Guitar Gear on Sweetwater - 🤍 ►Buy a T-Shirt to Support the Show - 🤍 ►Get Your Music on iTunes, Spotify, and More: 🤍 (7% off) ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Patreon: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 (Links to Sweetwater, Thomann, Amazon, B&H, Artist Guitars and DistroKid are affiliate links) ‎ This YouTube channel participates in Affiliate programs. These programs are designed in a way for the channel to earn an income by using the links provided in the description or pinned comment section. Please note: Not all links on this Youtube channel are affiliate links.

VOLUME PEDAL DUNLOP - DVP4 e DVP5 - Diferença e Usabilidade


Neste vídeo abordo um pouco da utilização de pedal de volume e a diferença entre os pedais Dvp4 e DVP5 da DUNLOP. Outros vídeos: Pedalboard 2022 🤍 Pedalboard 2021 🤍 COLLIDER 🤍 KEELEY COMPRESSOR PLUS 🤍 MOD11 - Electro-Harmonix 🤍 DMT TRIO 🤍 POCK LOOP Ammoon 🤍 2 pedais de delay, como utilizo. 🤍 Polytune mini 2 🤍 Laney LV300 - Tube Fusion 🤍 Boss Katana – Episódio 2 – Efeitos 🤍 Boss Katana – Episódio 1 – Especificações técnicas 🤍 Comparação do DD3 Boss x com o efeito Digital do Aquarius Joyo 🤍 Tipos de distorções para guitarra 🤍 Episódio 8 – site My Marshall 🤍 Episódio 7 – Marshall Code –footswitch 91009 (inclusive afinador no pedal) 🤍 TonePrint da TC Eletronic. 🤍 Ep6 – Code Editor 🤍 Ep5 – Marshall Code 100 – editando pelo aplicativo, via bluetooth 🤍 Ep4 – Marshall Code 100 – send/return 🤍 Ep3 – Marshall code com pedais 🤍 Looper ammoon – Sunday Bloody Sunday (trecho) – Unboxing, Review e Instruções Parte tocada start in 3:50​ min 🤍 Delay & looper – Joyo Aquarius: 🤍 Vision – R09 – Modulações – Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo e etc 🤍 Marshall CODE 10 – Ep. 2 – Patchs e Efeitos 🤍 Hall Of Fame 2 – No talk - Efeitos 🤍

Morley MWV Mini Wah Volume Pedal overview


Here we give you an overview of the Morley MWV Mini Wah Volume guitar pedal. We think this pedal is great, and there aren't many videos of this pedal. So we thought we would show the range and sounds you can get from it. It is a really small and compact pedal (For reference the shoe in the video is a 9 UK). It also two pedals in one - A wah pedal and a volume pedal, two pedals every guitarist should have... We start by showing the volume pedal, then the wah and finally the wah with distortion. As you can hear it is quite a traditional, but wet sounding wah capable of clean funk sounds, blues guitar leads and it can really filter a distorted pedal... Get it here: 🤍

Donner "Viper" Volume/Expression Pedal Guitar Gear Review


A review of the Donner "Viper" Volume and Expression pedal for guitar 🎸. This is a great little budget mini pedal from Chinese manufacturer Donner Jump Ahead! Demo: 3m20s 🤍 Opinion: 6m45s 🤍 You can get one here from Amazon (Affiliate link): 🤍 Stay in Touch Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Email - reviews🤍 Subscribe! 🤍 Spec from the Manufacturer Input: 1/4″Monaural Jack. Output: 1/4″Monaural Jack. Working Current: 10mA. Dimensions: 148.5mm (D)*65.5mm (W)*60mm (H) Net Weight: 280g (with box)

Dunlop DPV4 volume/ expression pedal demo (auxiliary out for delay tapping only) by Mike Ruggirello


Demoing some expression with delay tapping only.

CHEAPEST Volume/Expression Pedal on Amazon - Sonicake Vexpress Demo/Review


In this video we are checking out the cheapest and smallest volume/expression pedal I could find on Amazon. This is the VExpress by Sonicake. This thing works really well, especially for the price, and it's very small so it won't take up much room on your board. It also is completely passive and doesn't need any batteries or power to work (although there is an active version as well) 👇👇👇 ►►►My Social Media & Website◄◄◄👇👇👇 ✨ 🤍 🐦 🤍 📚 🤍 🌐 🤍 🎸🎸🎸 MY ORIGINAL MUSIC/PROJECT "SPIRAL CELL" 🎸🎸🎸 🎵 🤍 🎵 🤍 🎵 🤍 🎵 🤍 🔥🔥🔥 DEALS & DISCOUNTS 🔥🔥🔥 💥 5% OFF with any Pheynx Pro product (use promo code SCOTTUHLMUSIC) 👉 🤍 👈 💥 7% OFF with Distrokid 👉 🤍 👈 0:00 - Intro 1:07 - Expression Mode 1:50 - Volume Mode 2:15 - Durability 2:41 - My Thoughts 3:08 - Is it right for you? 3:35 - Active/Passive options 4:00 - Outro The following links are amazon affiliate links, so they are a free way to support the channel at no extra cost to you :) 🔥 PURCHASE LINKS 🔥 ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● ◆ PASSIVE MODEL ◆ 🤍 ◆ ACTIVE MODEL (requires power) ◆ 🤍 ◆ TRS CABLE ◆ 🤍 ◆ LINE 6 - HX STOMP ◆ 🤍 🎥 VIDEOS TO WATCH 🎥 ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● 📹 Buying Cheap Gear For Musicians 🤍 📹 HX Stomp Playlist: 🤍 🎸 MY LIVE RIG 🎸 ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● ◆ Electric Guitar 1 ◆ 🤍 ◆ Electric Guitar 2 ◆ 🤍 ◆ Midi Guitar Pickup ◆ 🤍 ◆ Acoustic Guitar ◆ 1 🤍 ◆ Acoustic Guitar 2 ◆ 🤍 ◆ Amp Modeler ◆ 🤍 ◆ Amp Modeler for smaller gigs ◆ 🤍 ◆ Wireless #1 ◆ 🤍 ◆ Wireless #2 ◆ 🤍 ◆ Wireless for smaller gigs ◆ 🤍 ◆ In-Ear Monitor System ◆ 🤍 ◆ Earbuds ◆ 🤍 ◆ Guitar Case ◆ 🤍 ◆ Mic Stand ◆ 🤍 ◆ iPad ◆ 🤍 ◆ iPAD Mic Stand Clip◆ 🤍 ◆ Cable ◆ 🤍 🎙️ HOME STUDIO 🎙️ ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● ◆ Interface ◆ 🤍 ◆ Go-To Microphone ◆ 🤍 ◆ Monitors ◆ 🤍 ◆ Old Monitors ◆ 🤍 ◆ MIDI Controller ◆ 🤍 ◆ Speaker Stands ◆ 🤍 ◆ Subwoofer ◆ 🤍 ◆ Subwoofer Stand ◆ 🤍 🔊My Live Sound Gear 🔊 ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● ◆ Mixer ◆ 🤍 ◆ PA Speakers ◆ 🤍 🎥 VIDEO SETUP FOR YOUTUBE VIDEOS 🎥 ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● ◆ NIKON CAMERA ◆ 🤍 ◆ NIKON LENS ◆ 🤍 ◆ GOPRO - HERO 8 BLACK ◆ 🤍 ◆ iPHONE 11 PRO MAX ◆ 🤍 ◆ MOMENT iPHONE LENS ◆ 🤍 ◆ TRIPOD ◆ 🤍 ◆ TRIPOD ◆ 🤍 ◆ LIGHTS ◆ 🤍 ◆ RING LIGHT ◆ 🤍 *All links are Amazon Affiliate links. Using them supports my channel at no extra cost to you :)

Dunlop Mini Volume Tuner Mod Update


To purchase the pedal click here 🤍

Todaysgear MOOER AUDIO LEVELINE Micro Volume Pedal


악기 보러가기 🤍 프리버드 🤍 ☎ 1600-5150 FREEBUD │ SUPPORT YOUR MUSIC ☎ +82-2-1600-5150 다음과 같은 조건을 따르는 경우에 한하여 이 저작물을 자유롭게 복제, 배포, 전송, 전시, 공연 및 방송할 수 있습니다. - 저작표시 : 이 저작물의 출처나 「🤍」를 표시하시면 됩니다. - 변경금지 : 이 저작물을 개작, 변형 또는 가공할 수 없습니다. 이 저작물에 대한 CC라이선스 안내 : 🤍

How To Use A Volume Pedal For Pedal Steel Sounds By Scott Grove


Donations Via Paypal: mrmrswoodworker🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 🤍 You can purchase the 200 plus hours of lessons for only $25. The deal of the century! NONE of my YouTube videos are in these 200 hours. Merchandise: 🤍 Donations Via Paypal: mrmrswoodworker🤍

Which Volume Pedal NOT to Buy [and what to buy instead]


My cheapness has finally failed me! I love buying the cheap versions things; the offbrands, the knockoffs, the headless animal cracker rejects. But apparently a volume pedal might not be the place to cheap out. In this video it's cheap Chinese plastic vs expensive Malaysian medal. Ernie Ball Volume Pedal (the good one): 🤍 Please subscribe for more worship and tech tips, reviews, and tutorials for the small church. SUBSCRIBE to Mina Studio: 🤍 SUPPORT Mina Studio: 🤍 GEAR USED: Camera: 🤍 Lens: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Lights: 🤍 Mic: 🤍 Mic: 🤍 Audio Interface: 🤍 Check out my other channel: REAWAKEN HYMNS (Acoustic Hymns) 🤍 More for the small church at 🤍 _ Full Disclosure: I will receive a small commission on anything purchased through the Amazon affiliate links above at no extra cost to you. Thanks for the support.

DUNLOP DVP5 VOLUME X8 - Volume and Expression in a Small Package


🎸 SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: 🤍 🎸 SIGN UP FOR MY GUITAR COURSE - 7 DAY FREE TRIAL: 🤍 🎸 MY BACKING TRACKS: 🤍 DUNLOP DVP5 VOLUME X8 - Volume and Expression in a Small Package DISCLAIMER I was not paid for this video, however Dunlop did provide me with the pedal on loan to shoot the video. This does not impact my thoughts or opinions in anyway. Other items of gear that I have previously been given by brands my also appear in videos. GEAR USED Thomann Affiliate Links - All The Gear I Have Used in Videos (Please note, I will receive a small commission for any purchases made through these links - at no extra cost to you) In This Video I am Also Using: ► STANFORD CROSSROAD THINLINE 30 - 🤍 ► HUGHES & KETTNER BLACK SPIRIT 200 - 🤍 ► BOSS MD-200 - 🤍 ► RODE GO WIRELESS - 🤍 ► RODE GO MIC - 🤍 ► LINE 6 RELAY WIRELESS - 🤍 ► FOCSURITE 18I20 - 🤍 Other Gear I Use in Videos ► GUITARS - 🤍 ► AMPS - 🤍 ► PEDALS/SOFTWARE - 🤍 ► STUDIO GEAR/MICS - 🤍 ► ACCESSORIES - 🤍 DO YOU RELEASE YOUR OWN MUSIC? GET 7% OFF YOUR FIRST YEAR WITH DISTROKID: ► 🤍 CHECK OUT TUBEBUDDY FOR HELP MANAGING YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: ► 🤍 Subscribe: ► 🤍 In this video I take a look at the new Dunlop DVP5 Volume X8 pedal. The DVP5 is the latest in the DVP range from Dunlop. This is a volume and expression pedal that can be integrated into your rig in a bunch of cool ways. The DVP5 has been designed in partnership with Pedaltrain so that it fits perfectly onto the Metro line of Pedaltrain boards. The DVP5 can be used as a standard volume pedal which can be used to mute your signal or to add volume swells as you play. It can also run an external connection to a tuner so that you can mute the signal and tune your guitar at the same time. It also has expression pedal capabilities. To use the expression capabilities, you simply connect the Expression Out jack to an Expression In of any pedal that can receive this information. The connection must be made with a Stereo TRS jack, it will not work with mono. In the video I use the Boss MD-200 as my expression pedal source where I control various modulation parameters. In the video I am using my Stanford Crossroad Thinline 30 guitar plugged into the Hughes and Kettner Black Spirit 200. The Black Spirit 200 is running out via the RedBox DI, utilizing the built in cab sims, directly into my Focusrite interface. Intro - 00:00 What is the Dunlop DVP5 Volume X8? - 00:09 Other Gear I Am Using - 03:42 Muting Your Signal - 04:07 Volume Swells - 05:11 Cleaning Up a Driven Tone - 06:12 Controlling Modulation with the Expression Pedal - 08:47 My Thoughts - 13:30 Hope you like it! Don't forget to subscribe and like the video! Enjoy! Leigh Subscribe: 🤍 - Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

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